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Workboat Conversion & Repair

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What makes ESR different from other repair yards? With Everett now in existence, will NBBB’s repair,

Principally it will be the size range that the dock can maintenance and conversion work shift to the new handle. ESR is one of only three facilities that can dock site and free up NBBB to focus on new construction vessels with beams greater than 90 feet. exclusively?

Nichols Brothers will continue business as usual. NBBB has a great barge/ferry/tug repair customer pool who they

What are the advantages to having ESR and sister will continue to serve. NBBB repair is limited to size con- company NBBB in relatively close proximity?

NBBB is a full-service shipyard that has all the skills re- straints of vessels up to 275 feet in length with a draft max- quired to build vessels up to 350 feet in length. The ability imum of 18 feet and vessel weight of 2,500 ST. This is only to share that resource to support work and utilize the ap- a constraint when hauling vessels into the yard, due to the prenticeship program to support future growth if the yard unique hauling method. is a giant asset. ESR’s repair capacity is much greater than Nichols’, ac-

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