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nance of our products.

AXYS is a leader in meteorologi- cal, oceanographic and water quali- ty data acquisition systems. Its products include the TRIAXYS

Directional Wave Buoy and the

Watchman500-based meteorologi- cal buoys that are used in the

Canadian National Data Buoy

Network, one of the largest marine weather forecasting networks in the world All systems provide real-time or near real-time data to the end user, with a wide range of data telemetry solutions including radio, cellular phone, and satellite com- munications.

Technology Profile

AXYS has a history of developing, testing, commercializing and manu- facturing Environmental

Monitoring Systems. Marine prod- ucts include moored buoys for weather, wave and sea state forecast- ing, as well as specialized buoys for research and development of new sensors, power supplies, and other buoy components. Products such as

Watchman500, WatchKeeper,

AVOS, Sentinel and TRIAXYS are all examples of successful product developments. Today TRIAXYS is a popular directional wave buoy and sensor and AXYS holds three TRI-

AXYS design patents in the U.S.,

U.K. and Canada.

Balmoral Offshore Engineering

Chairman and MD, James S Milne CBE DBA (Hon)

Balmoral Park, Loirston, Aberdeen, AB12 3GY, UK

T +44 (0)1224 859000; F +44 (0)1224 859059

Number of Employees: 307

Sales: $56.8 m

The company comprises a num- ber of distinct business units and divisions including Balmoral

Advanced Composites, Balmoral

Offshore Engineering; Balmoral

Tanks and Balmoral Wellbeing.

These operations function autonomously under the auspices of their respective management teams.

Technology profile

With a solid foundation in poly- mer and elastomer design and man- ufacturing history, Balmoral

Offshore Engineering provides the international energy, oceanography and defense sectors with a range of products from cable and flowline protection to surface and deepwater buoyancy.

In-house laboratory and hydro- static testing facilities enable the company to research and identify cost effective materials across a spec- trum of applications. From surface navigation to buoyancy some 3000m below the surface, Balmoral products, including rigid and

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AXYS' most recent hallmark product is the

Watchman500 Network Solution, a remote monitor- ing platform that can be deployed in any location or environment. It offers a reliable data collection and distribution system for sensor networks. It has two- way communication capabilities and is the ideal solu- tion for long-term data acquisition from remote loca- tions. The Watchman500 Network Solution has the capability to interface with any custom or off-the- shelf sensor allowing for easy initial installation and equipment upgrades. Using AXYS' Data Management

System, the user has complete control over the con- figuration, control and expansion of their monitoring network and allows users to view important system information in virtually real time.

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