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dynamic riser,

ROV/AUV and subsurface buoy- ancy through to elastomer cable protectors, bend restrictors, stiffen- ers, clamps and riser protection guards, are in use around the world. Providing a service from concept development through detailed design, manufacturing and testing, Balmoral can help maximize potential.

BAE Systems Naval Ships

Naval Ships Naval Ships South Street, Scotstoun, Glasgow

G14 0XN, United Kingdom

Tel: +44 (0) 141 959 1207; Fax: +44 (0) 141 958 0642

Executive Directors (BAE SYSTEMS)

Chris Geoghegan

Steve Mogford, Chief Operating Officer

Mark Ronald, COO and President BAE Systems Inc.

George Rose, Group Finance Director

Mike Turner, Chief Executive Officer

The Naval Ships business was formed in 2003 to provide a focus on the UK and export surface warship building market. The business pro- vides prime contracting services, design capability, shipbuilding facili- ties and complete naval systems inte- gration skills to support all aspects of

UK and export warship provision.

The Naval Ships organization oper- ates the company's shipyards in

Scotstoun and Govan in Glasgow. It is also responsible for running the

Type 45 Destroyer Prime Contract

Office in Filton, near Bristol.

Naval Ships is responsible for pro- viding the company's surface warship capability from Prime Contract man- agement to systems integration and delivery of completed vessels.

Naval Ships is responsible for man- aging the contract and delivering three 95-metre long Offshore Patrol

Vessels to Brunei.

The first vessel was launched in

January 2001 and, following rigorous sea trails, is due for delivery early in 2004. The other vessels will follow as they complete their inspection and trails programs.

Batelle 505 King Avenue, Columbus, Ohio 43201

Tel: (800) 201-2011; (614) 424-6424


CEO: Carl F. Kohrt

Battelle is a global science and tech- nology enterprise that develops and commercializes technology and man- ages laboratories for customers.

Headquartered in Columbus, Ohio,

Battelle has a vast science and tech- nology reach. Battelle, with the national labs it manages or co-man- ages, oversees 19,000 staff members and conducts $3.4 billion in annual research and development. Batelle teams with more than 800 federal, state and local government agencies, providing science and technology in 16 MTR June 2006

Teledyne Benthos 49 Edgerton Drive, North Falmouth, MA 02556

Tel: 508-563-1000; Fax: 508-563-6444


CEO and President: Ron Marsiglio • Vice President: Francois Leroy Marketing Director: Peter Zentz Sales Manager: Francois Leory

Number of Employees: 150 Annual Sales: $25 million

Teledyne Benthos is a provider of high technology products and integrated systems that are used for measurement, inspection, data collection and communication in remote and challeng- ing marine environments. Benthos, Inc. was founded in 1962 in North

Falmouth, Mass., as a supplier to the nearby Woods Hole

Oceanographic Institution. The company grew through the acquisition of product lines and the development of new technology. Benthos was acquired by Teledyne Technologies Incorporated in January 2006. The company is ISO 9001 certified and maintains a worldwide network of independent sales representatives.

Technology Profile

Products include geophysical survey systems, side scan sonar sys- tems, glass flotation spheres, acoustic releases, hydrophones, under- water modems, pingers and other oceanographic products for both deep and shallow water applications. Markets include military, undersea research, oil and gas, fisheries and deep sea survey. Recent develop- ments include the SMART combined release and modern product line which enables users to users to monitor and retrieve data from their subsea instruments and release the entire package of instruments suc- cessfully to the ocean's surface at a later date.

J.S. Milne, CEO

Stingray ROV

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