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Visit & Click No. 208 - Polymeric (mid-range applica- tions) - Penetrators (pressure boundary penetration) - "Portsmouth" (MIL-C-24231)

Bluefin Robotics 237 Putnam Avenue, Cambridge, MA USA 02139

Tel: 617-715-7082; Fax: 617-498-0067


CEO: Dr. Brian Abraham

Number of Employees: 65

Annual sales: $10 million

Starting in 1989, the MIT

Autonomous Underwater Vehicle

Laboratory pioneered AUV platform technologies. The 15-year long pro- gression from the SeaSquirt to the current Bluefin AUV components, power systems and platforms has led to dramatic gains in capability, per- formance, and applicability. Capable of reaching the sea floor and robust enough to be deployed in the

Antarctic and the Labrador Sea, the

Bluefin team has proven that AUVs can be a reliable, affordable tool to the academic, commercial, and mili- tary community. In particular, the

Bluefin AUV is the standard vehicle for the scientific community. Woods

Hole Oceanographic Institution,

Oregon State University, MIT,

MBARI, and Florida Atlantic

University have all placed orders for

AUV systems from Bluefin. Founded in 1997, and headquartered just blocks from the MIT laboratory that created its core UUV technology,

Bluefin Robotics has grown to a 65- employee company whose design, production, and operations facilities occupy two locations in the Boston area. To date, Bluefin has built (or is producing) a total of 40 UUVs for military, commercial and academic customers. Bluefin's AUV technology is built on 15 years of effort and over $40 million of AUV R&D funding.

Technology Profile

Since 1999, Bluefin has been a prof- itable organization and has expanded its product portfolio to include sever- al classes of vehicles and peripheral

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