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Carrillo Underwater Systems

Contact: Rob Carrillo

PO Box 6217, Brookings, OR 97415 • Tel: 888-728-2226; Fax: 541-469-009 E-mail: Internet:

CUS has been manufacturing C-Lites for more than 15 years, for use around the world and used in the harshest marine applications. Some customers still have their C-Lites in operation after seven years. Now special computer designed reflectors enhance the capabilities of the custom made high intensity halogen lighting elements, making C-Lites the choice for underwater video photography. In 1999 CUS introduced a new design for the C-Lite shell. Molding specialists assisted by advanced computer design systems created a compact, more functional design without sacrificing any of the neces- sary design requirements of the C-lites CUS Cam 1501 - The CC 1501 color underwater video camera is a high resolution 450 line low light color video module housed in a machined 1.7 dia. x 4.75 long Delrin cylindrical housing with double hardened polycarbonate front and rear ports. The threadless assembly is durable and practical. The CC 1501 weighs mere grams in water. This is a great feature for both head mounted and remote applications. The camera has a 72 degree hori- zontal field of view. The low light capability is 1 lux. The CC 1501 is specially built for long line transmission. The integral

LED illumination allows for image gathering in small or hard to access locations where external lighting is not practical and natural lighting is insufficient. The LED lighting is always on so if the main lighting fails or cannot be used the LED illumi- nation will afford image gathering where other cameras will not.he CC 1501 operates with a 400ma maximum current.

This makes it a very viable option for long line applications.

C-lite Deep Reach - The C-Lite Deep Reach supplies lighting. The C-lite DR is a rugged anodized aluminum light hous- ing with a double hardened polycarbonate front lens and a special integrated rear connecting light socket bulkhead con- nector. The rear connector incorporates a male 2 pin Marsh type underwater bulkhead connector with an integrated two pin MR16 style light socket inside. No wiring!

CDI Marine Systems Development Division 900 Ritchie Highway, Severna Park, MD 21146 Tel: 410-544-2800; Fax: 410-647-3411 E-mail:

CEO: Roger Ballou is President and CEO of the $3 Billion parent corp.

Vice President: Mark Kerschner, Executive Vice President and CFO

Number of Employees: 38 (Systems Development Division) Annual Sales: $5 million (Systems Development Division)

For 28 years, since its formation as Band, Lavis & Associates in 1977 (and its continuation since 1998 as CDIM-SDD), the company has focused on the innovative design and technology of fast vessels while also performing as a general naval architecture firm doing projects ranging from the FEA of an entire cruiser's structure to supporting the City of

Baltimore's new fireboat acquisition. The senior personnel have remained with the company for more than 20 years and have developed valuable corporate capabilities with unique and innovative design and analysis tools. The company is par- ticularly well known for its early-stage design of fast vessels, as well as conventional ships and craft. Its development of cutting edge design tools is evidenced by the numerous technical papers that have been published by its staff members and cited in references by others.

Ship design and analysis of high speed craft (ACVs, SESs, Catamarans, Trimarans, etc.) and conventional ships and craft. Design of high powered axial flow waterjets. Support to governmental activities for the procurement of specialized craft. products including the following:

Bluefin 9: 9-in. diameter AUV;

Bluefin 12: 12-in. diameter AUV;

Bluefin 21: 21-in. diameter AUV;

HAUV: Hull inspection AUV; Spray:

Bluefin glider AUV; Power Systems:

Ranges of Lithium Polymer oil com- pensated battery systems.

Subsytems and System Integration:

In addition to these platform prod- ucts, Bluefin has been successful developing and acquiring derivative products and spirally integrating these into the platforms. Several of these products categories are outlined below: Navigation systems;

Propulsion systems; Communication systems; Sensor payloads; Sonar

Systems; Buried Object Systems;

Magnetometer Systems;

Environmental Sensors Systems;

Lethality Systems; Deck box systems;

Undersea battery systems.

Brooke Ocean Technology 11-50 Thornhill Drive, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia,

Canada B3B 1S1

Tel: +1902-468-2928; Fax: +1902-468=1388


Brooke Ocean Technology Ltd. (BOT) provides hardware, systems engineering and R&D services to the marine science, naval and oil & gas sectors. Its specialty is the develop- ment of equipment and systems to operate in harsh marine environ- ments. BOT is a Canadian owned and operated company and is owned and managed by the two company shareholders.

BOT has been involved with the design and development of marine and oceanographic equipment for

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