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Chelsea Technologies 55 Central Avenue, West Molesey, Surrey, KT8 2QZ, UK

Tel: +4402084819000; Fax: +4402089419319



Chelsea Technologies Group operates from a 17,500 sq. ft. facility in Surrey, England. A team of experienced scien- tists and engineers are engaged in design, development, production engineering, process control and marketing of a wide range of individual sensors and distributed instrument systems. Applications include environmental monitoring, acoustics sonar, biotechnology and advanced optics.

Chelsea Technologies Group specializes in underwater technologies ranging from acoustics and sonar products through to comprehensive environmental monitoring sys- tems.

Satisfying the needs of both the civil and military markets

Chelsea provides towed oceanographic vehicles, multi parameter oceanographic sensors, acoustic sources and telemetry systems, echo repeaters and piezocomposite transducers plus world leading technology in AUV autopi- lots and correlation sonar velocity logs.

Following the merger of Chelsea Instruments and Marine

Acoustics in December 2001, the Chelsea Technologies

Group was formed. The merger brings together two of the leading companies within the marine science field. Chelsea

Instruments has had more than 35 years experience in the design and manufacture of a range of sensors and towed vehicle systems for the civil and military markets. Marine

Acoustics has specialized in underwater acoustics and sonar system technology for more than 20 years. Together they provide a unique capability of total systems solutions for environmental technology through to military applica- tions. Chelsea also provides consultancy services.

Expertise includes: Design, development & manufacture of equipments to full military specifications; Low power, low cost, high precision oceanographic instrumentation;

Electro-optic sensor design; Assessment and feasibility studies; Bespoke sensor and system design; World leading technology in towed vehicle design; Technology transfer to and from Centers of Excellence; Accredited calibration facility; Oceanographic system integration; Project manage- ment; Trials support on board ships & submarines;

Consultancy services

Products: - FASTtracka: Award winning Fast Repetition Rate

Fluorimeter designed to measure variable fluorescence of marine phytoplankton. - AquaLine FerryBox System: Autonomous oceano- graphic data collection system for ships of opportunity. The system consists of a data collection system on a vessel with ability to transfer data to a Remote Access FTP server site, via a GPRS. - MINItracka Mk II: Small, low cost fluorimeter avail- able in chlorophyll, rhodamine, fluoroscein, phaeophytin, phycoerythrin and nephelometer versions. Also available with flow through manifold for FerryBox and process control applications. employees in seven locations. C & C is headquartered in Lafayette, La., and has additional offices in

Houston, Singapore, Brazil, Mexico,

South Africa and the U.K.

C & C provides a range of survey and mapping services for the land and offshore oil and gas industry, the telecommunications industry and several government entities. The company has six divisions including; the Land and Transition Zone Survey

Division, Marine Construction

Survey Division, Geophysical and

Geosciences Division, NOAA

Surveys Division, Geotechnical

Division, and the Worldwide DGPS

Services Division. Several in-house departments including a Database,

Systems Development, Information

Technology, HSE, and QA as well as a mechanical fabrication department support all C & C operational divi- sions.

Technology Profile

C & C's Geophysical Division has equipment to collect high-resolution data from shore to full ocean depth, worldwide. This division provides solutions with side scan sonars, two

C-Surveyor deepwater AUVs, seismic systems, cesium magnetometers, and multibeam bathymetry systems.

C & C Technologies' geoscientists provide geophysical interpretation based on exploration-quality 3D seis- mic data. This data is used for shal- low stratigraphic studies, assessment of shallow water flow potential and for assessing initial indicators for the presence of chemosynthetic commu- nities. These studies are ideal for ini- tial pipeline route planning and

MMS deepwater site clearances.

C & C's Marine Construction

Division provides surface positioning and acoustic subsea positioning (LBL, USBL, HAIN & Metrology) surveys.

C-Surveyor II

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