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Deep Ocean Engineering

Contact: Michael Gilson, Vice President, Customer Solutions 1431 Doolittle Drive, San Leandro, CA 94577

Tel: 510-562-9300; Fax: 510-430-8249


CEO: Blaise Fetting

President: Joe Itchon

Vice President: Michael Gilson

Annual Sales: $3 million+

Founded in 1982, Deep Ocean has more than 24 years of continuous operating experience in providing a wide range of innovative and cost-effective solutions for diverse industry applications. More than 500 ROV systems have been designed, built and delivered to customers in more than 30 countries. These include security, military, customs, nuclear, hydroelectric, inshore, offshore, oil and gas, scien- tific research and education, fisheries, salvage, broadcast filming, long tunnel and pipeline inspections. Customers include the military and security/law enforcement agencies of eighteen countries (including the U.S. Navy, Army Corps of Engineers, FBI, Canadian Defense and UK Customs),

General Electric, Hydro Quebec, Westinghouse,

Framatome, NASA, California Dept. of Fish and Game, var- ious utility power companies and universities.

Technology Profile

Deep Ocean Engineering has recently introduced an advanced inspection-class ROV's. The all-new Vector

Series ROV's are designed to be reliable, powerful vehicles that can carry the most advanced sonars, cameras and specialized instruments, all the while maximizing stability and control of the vehicle. By adopting digital telemetry, the

Graphical User Interface provides a great more information to the ROV operator than had heretofore been available.

This additional information not only includes details on the data being collected at the ROV but also on-condition mon- itoring of the ROV and its systems. Finally, the all-new brushless thrusters installed on all Vector Series ROV's are designed to be the most powerful and reliable available on any inspection-class ROV.

DeepSea Power & Light

Contact: Brad Fisher 4819 Ronson Ct., San Diego, Ca. 92111

Tel. 858-576-1261 • Fax. 858-576-0219

Email: Internet:

DeepSea Power & Light is a manufacturer of imaging and lighting systems whose innovative equipment is used daily for underwater applications. The company, founded in 1983, manufactures deep water power systems.

Technical Profile

DeepSea Power & Light's product line has grown to include underwater video and lighting systems. All of DeepSea

Power & Light's standard products are designed to perform in the harsh marine environment, from wet/dry surface appli- cations to full ocean depth deployments. Equipment manufactured by DeepSea Power & Light has been used in the

Imax film Titanica, the theatrical release of Titanic, and Ghosts of the Abyss, also by the Titanic Expedition, Bismark

Expedition, National Geographic Society, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, Lockheed, Oceaneering, Scripps

Institution of Oceanography, and on the deep diving submersibles Alvin, Sea Cliff, Jason, Turtle, Nautille, Mirs I & II, Kaiko, and the Shinkai 6500. open, flexible Internet and database- driven technologies. The CARIS cus- tomer base spans over 70 countries with in a broad range of applications and domains. Coastguard Agencies use CARIS for the management of seaways, and offshore survey contrac- tors use CARIS tools for the manage- ment of ocean survey data, and seafloor mapping. CARIS products are used worldwide for safety of navi- gation, cable and pipeline routing, search and recovery, fisheries manage- ment and geophysical exploration, etc.

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