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Davidson Laboratory

Contact: Dr. Raju Datla, Research Associate Professor 711 Hudson Street, Stevens Institute of Technology, Hoboken, NJ 07030

Tel: 201-216-5568; Fax: 201-216-8214


The Davidson

Laboratory com- bines experimen- tal and numerical methods to solve complex prob- lems related to surface and sub- surface vessel dynamics. The experimental facilities include a high speed towing tank with wave generation capability and a rotating arm tank.

The laboratory has tested hydrodynamic scale models of all types of craft (sail boats, yachts, planing craft, sea- planes, submarines, torpedoes) to assess their performance for calm water resistance, propulsion, seakeeping and maneuvering. Numerical modeling using advanced CFD codes is performed and provides an excellent supporting tool to our experimental towing tank.

Deep Development Corp.

Deep Development Corp. - Canada 301-31127 Wheel Ave., Abbotsford, BC V2T 6H1 Canada

Deep Development Corp. - USA 446 Harrison Street. Sumas, WA 98295

Tel: 1-604-864-9671; Fax: 1-604-864-8472


Managing Director: Tim J. MacFarlane

System Specialist: Aimee Byrne

Applications Specialist: Alex Wong

Viperfish MSX (Marine Spec. Xtreme): Designed for top side applications, the Viperfish MSX is a high per- formance shock and vibration proof digital recorder that converts analog video to digital format. It records high resolution video (720 x 486 pixels), at full-speed 30 frames per second with zero latency.

Viperfish Amphibian: Designed for intense environ- ments, the Viperfish Amphibian is a ruggedized all-weath- er, digital video recorder. Viperfish Amphibian converts analog signals to digital format and records non-multi- plexed video up to 640 x 480 pixels to a high capacity hard drive.

Viperfish Deep: Record high resolution video at depths up to 1,000 feet on a rugged digital platform. Clear, real- time, full-speed, non-multiplexed video is recorded to a rugged hard drive. This battery operated submersible dig- ital recorder is power self sufficient providing flexibility and reliability for all your underwater recording needs. It converts analog video to digital format storing it at 720 X 480 frames full speed 30 FPS.

To ensure top security of data, tampering, jamming and eavesdropping - Viperfish Amphibian wireless transmis- sion option frequency hops at 110 times per second at a minimum of 6 mega hertz per hop. Data is encrypted with forward error correction. The frequency range is 902 to 928 band (approximately 104 channels). Viperfish high resolution recorders are ideal for marine research or underwater applications.

Deep Sea Systems International,

P.O. Box 622, Falmouth, MA 02541-0622

Tel: 508-564-4200; Fax: 508-564-4500



Deep Sea Systems International (DSSI), located in

Cataumet, Mass., was founded by owner and President Marine Technology Reporter 27

A t Ohmsett - The National Oil Spill Response Test

Facility, research and development opportunities are unlimited!

Ohmsett’s unique capabilities and realistic marine environment play an essential role in the development of new technology and in creating effective oil spill response evaluations.

Features & Testing

Capabilities: ? Independent & objective testing ? Measurable & repeatable test parameters ? Full-scale testing, research & training ? Real oil ? Dispersant effectiveness ? Emulsion formation ? Oil recovery system testing in broken ice ? Protocol development

Ohmsett Facility

Leonardo, NJ 732-866-7183 or 703-787-1580

Managed by the U.S. Department of the

Interior, Minerals Management Service

Test Plans Begin with Ohmsett

Test with oil, train with oil.

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