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Fugro Pelagos, Inc. 3738 Ruffin Road, San Diego, CA 92123

Tel: 858-292-8922; Fax: 858-292-5308



President: Edward Saade

Marketing Director: David Millar

Number of Employees: 8,000 worldwide

Annual Sales: $1.4 billion

Company Profile

Fugro Pelagos, Inc. (FPI) has been a California corpora- tion since 1977, starting as specialists in seafloor geologi- cal studies using marine geophysics, sampling and under- water scientists and engineers.

The firm grew steadily by providing technical services to the offshore industry, U.S. Navy and the engineering com- munity. Growth accelerated during the submarine cable boom of the 1990's. FPI joined Fugro in 2003 and as part of the worldwide Fugro Group, FPI skills are efficiently delivered anywhere.

As part of the Fugro Group, Fugro Pelagos - now with offices in San Diego, California; Anchorage, Alaska;

Honolulu, Hawai'i; and Stennis, Miss. - is the primary gov- ernment services business in North America. It is a premier provider of high-resolution hydrographic and seabed map- ping services. While continuing to serve the offshore indus- try, FPI is now also a major contractor to all levels of gov- ernment including the National Oceanic and Atmospheric

Administration (NOAA), the

U.S. Navy, the U.S. Army

Corps of Engineers, the U.S.

Geological Survey and

National Marine Fisheries

Service, and numerous state and local agencies and aca- demia.

Fugro collects and inter- prets data related to the earth's surface and the soils and rocks beneath. It pro- vides advice based on the results, generally for purpos- es related to the oil and gas industry, mining and the con- struction of buildings or civil engineering structures. Fugro operates around the world at sea, on land and from the air, using professional, highly specialized staff and advanced technologies, data gathering equipment and systems many of which have been developed in-house.

Technology Profile

Fugro Pelagos, Inc. (FPI) is renowned for its high-resolu- tion seafloor and coastal mapping products. FPI's technical services are provided on a global basis and integrate both offshore and airborne surveying technologies. Geological and seafloor habitat maps, pipeline and cable routing, and geohazard and engineering charting are all delivered to meet or exceed international standards.

Fugro Pelagos is a premier provider of high-resolution hydrographic and seabed mapping services to address engineering, environmental and resource management issues. Fugro Pelagos integrates advanced technologies such as multibeam bathyme- try, multibeam backscatter "snippets" imagery, Airborne LiDAR bathymetry and

GIS to provide customers with innovative solutions that have redefined the manner and quality in which the seafloor can now be mapped and displayed. Using the latest generation Airborne LiDAR bathymetry sys- tem available today, the company is also able to acquire and integrate topographic elevations, bathymetric soundings and digi- tal aerial photography in coastal zone and riverine mapping environments. Fugro

Pelagos continues to invest research and development effort in the area of multibeam bathymetry and multibeam acoustic imagery. The company is pushing the enve- lope in the area of seabed mapping and has become recognized as one of the lead- ing seabed mapping firms in the world. The in-house software development group of

Fugro Pelagos supports both internal users and the company's extensive external cus- tomer base. With marine survey and GIS expertise, its software engineers develop commercial applications and provide cus- tomized solutions. Fugro also offers AUV platforms for multibeam surveying, which can cover deepwater operating areas with very high-resolution seafloor data.

Edward Saade, prsident

LIDAR-MB combined with chart.

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