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Chris Nicholson in January 1983.

The company's initial development was the Mini Rover, a low cost remotely operated vehicle. DSSI has since gone on to develop the Mini

Rover MK-2, the Sea Rover, and our current MAX Rover MK-1, MK-2 and MK-3 series of vehicles for oper- ation to 6,000 meters, with a full set of accessories. Ten MAX Rovers have been built. The company's newest design is the Mini MAX Rover. The

Mini MAX is a scaled down version of the MAX Rover, using the same reliable constuction. It is offered as an economical, basic function ROV suit- able for the most rugged work envi- ronments. Special projects have included: technical support for the filming of Titanica, Stephen Low's

IMAX 70 mm big-screen production of the famous shipwreck; the

National Parks Service and National

Geographic Pearl Harbor Project, using a DSSI Mini Rover MK-2 to survey the sunken battleship Arizona and search for a Japanese minisub sunk during the attack Pearl Harbor.

Deep Ocean Engineering

Contact: Michael Gilson, Vice President 1431 Doolittle Drive, San Leandro, CA 94577

Tel: 510-562-9300; Fax: 510-430-8249


CEO: Blaise Fetting

President: Joe Itchon

Vice President: Michael Gilson

Annual Sales: $3 million+ (See Profile on page 24)

DeepSea Power & Light

Contact: Brad Fisher 4819 Ronson Ct., San Diego, Ca. 92111

Tel. 858-576-1261 • Fax. 858-576-0219


Internet: (See Profile on page 24)

EdgeTech Marine

Contact: Simon Reeves, Business Development Manager

P.O. Box 850, 4 Little Brook Road,

West Wareham, MA 02576

Tel: 508-291-0057; Fax: 508-291-2491


EdgeTech established itself as a pri- vate company in 1995 after being part of EG&G since 1965. It selected its name in part to honor the late Dr.

Edgerton, an MIT professor and marine instrumentation pioneer.

EdgeTech develops and produces a

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