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Konsberg Mesotech 1598 Kebet Way

Port Coquitlam, B.C.


Tel: (604) 464-8144

Fax: (604) 941-5423


Company Profile

Kongsberg Mesotech Ltd. was formed in 1973 to design and manufacture underwater acoustic equipment. The com- pany offers a range of products for military, fisheries, oil- field, scientific, and other offshore market applications.

Kongsberg Mesotech's ongoing research and development has paved the company's presence as a leader in high-res- olution sonar systems, and acoustic technology. As a member of the Kongsberg Group of Norway since 1996, the company has furthered its international market expo- sure while maintaining the flexibility of a smaller organiza- tion. Kongsberg Mesotech's Vancouver office is responsible for the design, manufacture and sales of underwater acoustic products, including: imaging and profiling mechani- cally scanned sonars, multibeam imaging sonars, multi- beam echo sounders, altimeters.

Technical Profile

Kongsberg Mesotech manufactures more than 100 mod- els of multibeam, scanning, side scan, echo sounder, and altimeter sonar combinations. The company's major break- through came in 1982 with the development of the Model 971 Scanning Sonar. This high resolution scanning sonar was accepted by military and offshore oilfield market users, and soon became a standard for all ROV operations. To date, over 2500 scanning sonar systems have been deliv- ered. and CCTV), training of client personnel, maintenance of propri- etary systems (e.g. current speed, wind speed and direction) and remote and direct management of system data; - Measurement services - measure- ment of metocean parameters such as waves, current speed; including multi-disciplinary proj- ect management, daily monthly, and yearly data acquisition pro- grams, data analysis and presentation; - Forecasting services includ- ing the provi- sion of site-spe- cific weather forecasts (by email, fax,

Inmarsat and the world-wide web), 24-hour telephone consulta- tion and provision of onboard forecasters for sensitive operations offshore; - Software - the development of software for oceanographic and meteorological data applications; - Seawatch - design and develop- ment of integrated real-time marine monitoring buoy network systems, oceanographic and water quality sensors, and tsunami mod- ule for tsunami wave detection; - Structural Monitoring - special- ized engineering related to off- shore structures, riser technology and supporting services, including installation and servicing of inte- grated metocean and structural monitoring systems.

Fugro Pelagos, Inc. 3738 Ruffin Road, San Diego, CA 92123

Tel: 858-292-8922; Fax: 858-292-5308



President: Edward Saade

Marketing Director: David Millar

Number of Employees: 8,000 worldwide

Annual Sales: $1.4 billion (See Profile on page 28)

General Acoustics GmbH

Hendrik Eden, General Manager

Dorfstr. 57, Kiel-Ottendorf,

Schleswig-Holstein, Germany 24107

Tel.: +49-431-58081-80; Fax: +49-431-58081-89


General Manager: Hendrik Eden

Sales Manager: Jens Koslowski, Heiko Balzerek, Jorge


Number of Employees: 15 (See Profile on page 26)

Falmouth Scientific, Inc.

Contact: Frances Lewis-Souza, Marketing Manager 1400 Route 28A. PO Box 315, Cataumet MA 02534

Tel: 508-564-7640; Fax: 508-564-7643


CEO: John Baker • Vice President: Rick Babicz

Sales Manager: Jeff Bartkowski

Number of Employees: 28 (See Profile on page 34)

Geonav Marine Systems 11211 Katy Freeway, Suite 430, Houston, TX 77079

Tel: 713-722-9697


CEO: Russell Morton

Jeff Coutts,

Managing Director

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