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40 MTR June 2006

Vice President: Lisa Morton

Sales Manager" Rami Tadros

Number of Employees: 5

Annual Sales: $400,000

Founded in 1991 in Aberdeen, the company moved to Houston in 1996.

It has 3 three core areas of operation.

Navigation system software and hard- ware, projects have included minesweeping control, geophysical and seismic navigation systems. The second are is passenger information systems for cruise vessels. The third area is interface hardware and systems of commercial shipping. This third area includes VDRs and a satellite based doppler sonr replacement.

Technology Profile

The company has several versions of its EZNav positioning software in the field for geophysical and offshore construction operations. The Serial

Shot Controller is a microprocessor unit which enables precise shot tim- ing with Windows based software.

The companys SP2000 fiber optic gyrocompass has been sold to several customers including the US military.

The new AMI VR 2272B, is a land- mark in VDR/sVDR design. Small in size, but easy to configure and install.

Government of Newfoundland and


Innovation, Research and Advanced Technologies Branch

Department of Innovation, Trade and Rural Development

P.O. Box 8700, St. John’s, NL A1B4J6

Tel: 709-729-7000; Fax: 709-729-5936 (See Profile on page 31)

Gregg Drilling & Testing, Inc. 2726 Walnut Avenue, Signal Hill, CA 90755

Tel: 562-427-6899; Fax: 562-427-3314



President: John M. Gregg

Vice President: Patrick Keating

Director of Marketing and Business Development: Tim

Boyd (See Profile on page 30)

Guarino & Cox, LLC 19399 Helenbirg Road, Suite 203, Covington, La. 70433

Tel: 985-871-9997; Fax: 985-871-9927


President: Greg Cox

Vice President: Sal Guarino

Number of Employees: 20

Guarino & Cox,LLC has been pro- viding naval architecture and engi- neering services to the marine indus- try since 1980. The company has a reputation for innovative design and engineering resulting in vessels that are builder friendly yet efficent in operation. Though relatively small in number, the majority of its staff members have more than 20 years of on the job experience. The firm exe- cuted the design and contract draw- ings for the AGOR 23 class of research ships.

Hafmynd - Gavia Ltd

Fiskislod 73, 101 Reykjavik, Iceland

Tel: +354 5112990; Fax: +354 5112999


Internet: (See Profile on page 35)

Heila Marine Cranes

Via della costituzione 43, Poviglio RE Italy 42028

Tel: +39052296652; Fax: +390522960391


CEO: E. Ferrari

President: M. Ferrari

Marketing Director: Ivan B. Zwijnenburg

Number of Employees: 80

Annual Sales: $20 million

Since 1978, manufacturers of First

Class Marine Crane, Deck

Equipment and Hydraulic lifting solutions for goods and peopl.

Supplying Cranes to all major ship- yards, dredging companies and off- shore industry. A complete range of

Marine Cranes, containing Stiff boom box cranes, knuckle booms, foldable cranes, telescopic cranes and custom build hydraulic cranes.

Certification according to Lloyds,

BV, ABS, GL, CCS and many others.

Hydra Dynamics 19 Wrenfield Place, The Woodlands,

Montgomery, TX 77384

Tel: 936-273-2882; Fax: 936-273-2883


President: J Carter Miller Jr.

International custom manufacturer of severe service hydraulic cylinders and systems. Pioneered specialty coatings, laser cladding, and splash zone rated marine hydraulic equip- ment. Designed and built the all stainless steel riser tensioner cylinders used on Shell's URSA TLP platform in the GOM. Pioneered composite seals and bearings for offshore and subsea marine hydraulic applications.

Hydroid, LLC


President: Christopher von Alt

Vice President of Marketing: Kevin McCarthy

Number of Employees: 20 (See Profile on page 37)


Suite 201 1118 Topsail Road, Mount Pearl, Newfoundland

Canada A1N 5E7

Tel +7097540400; Fax: +7097540419


CEO: Neil Chaulk

Marketing Director: Jacquelyn Holden

ICAN was established in November 1996 by Neil Chaulk. Neil, a profes- sional engineer, had been working with the Canadian Coast Guard when he conceived of a company that could provide Differential GPS (DGPS) consulting to other coun- tries. By early 1997, the company had begun efforts to include develop- ment and distribution of electronic charting systems (ECS) and other marine navigation software.

ICAN designs and implements nav- igation and communications software systems as well as providing infra- structure, consulting, and project management.

Interocean Systems 4241 Ponderosa Avenue, Suite A,

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