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For over 30 years JW Fishers has specialized in the design and manu- facture of reasonably priced, high tech underwater search equipment.

The product line includes diver-held and boat-towed metal detectors, marine magnetometers, underwater camera systems, ROVs, and side scan sonar. The company was founded in the mid-60s by current president and

CEO Jack Fisher. It all started when

Fisher, an avid diver, needed an underwater metal detector to use on a salvage project. The product line was expanded from diver-held metal detectors to boat-towed metal detec- tors and magnetometers. Underwater cameras were a natural follow-on to the product line: customers wanted a tool they could use to look at targets they were finding with their boat- towed detectors or they simply want- ed to do a visual search of an area.

Recently a family of low cost side scan sonar, the ultimate underwater search system, was added to the line.

Fishers side scan sonar is a break- through in a high performance, low cost, side scan system equipped with a 17-in. wide thermal printer.

Today the company maintains an active R&D effort to explore and develop new technologies for under- water search in order to offer our cus- tomers cost effective solutions.

Konsberg Mesotech 1598 Kebet Way

Port Coquitlam, B.C.


Tel: (604) 464-8144

Fax: (604) 941-5423

Email: (See Profile on Page 38)

L-3 Communications Klein

Associates, Inc. 11 Klein Drive, Salem, NH 03079

Tel: 603-893-6131; Fax: 603-893-8807



CEO: William H. Key, Jr.

Vice President: Michael J. Mitchell

Marketing Director: Deborah Durgin

Sales Manager: Dennis McIntyre

Number of Employees: 65

L-3 Communications Klein

Associates, Inc. is a provider of high resolution Side Scan and Multibeam sonar systems, fully Integrated Bridge Marine Technology Reporter 43

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