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Seabotix 1425 Russ Blvd, T112D, San Diego, CA 92101 USA

Tel: 219-239-5959; Fax: 877-349-7074


President: Donald Rodocker

Sales Manager: Jesse Rodocker

Number of Employees: 24

Annual Sales: $3.5 million

Company Profile

SeaBotix Inc. was founded by Donald Rodocker, an icon in the commercial diving and ROV industry. Donald's accomplishments include founding Pressure Products

Group which is now Divex and also Hydrovision.

Additionally, Donald performed the first saturation dive to the Andrea Doria in 1973 and also was a part of the team that recovered the gold from the HMS Edinburgh on 1981 being the deepest gold recovery ever. Donald takes this experience along with others in the creation of SeaBotix and the revolutionary small ROV LBV. LBV has quickly become one of the most successful ROVs ever.

Technology Profile

The SeaBotix LBV is unique in it has many aspects found only in large ROVs packaged into a small ROV. Additionally,

LBV was the only ROV firstly conceived to be mass pro- duced. The LBV offers a high level of capability, portability, intuitiveness and affordability. No other small ROV offers the same performance level and features as the LBV. Other small ROVs have a large diameter umbilical which creates excessive drag and reduces capability. LBV has the small- est standard umbilical diameter and an ideal weight in water to create an incredibly stable platform. Additionally,

SeaBotix has just finished the first Hybrid ROV/Crawler that combines the LBV with a Vortex generator to attach to vir- tually any surface.

Donald Rodocker


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