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Read this page in Pdf, Flash or Html5 edition of June 2006 Marine Technology Magazine Marine Technology Reporter 49 cruise ships and everything in between. The main focus is Geberit brand pipe systems, HDPE, Geberit

Mepla and most recently the Geberit

Mapress Stainless Steel and Copper

Nickel press fit pipe system. Weight savings and speed of installation is just a couple of the great benefits of our products.

Perry Slingsby Systems 821 Jupiter Park Drive, Jupiter, FL 33458

Tel: 561-743-7000; Fax: 561-743-1313


CEO: Martin Anderson

Managing Director: Martin Anderson

COO: Bruce Lokay

Perry Slingsby Systems traces its beginnings to the early days of the aviation and ocean engineering industries. John Perry and Fred

Slingsby each began innovative cutting edge busi- nesses that ulti- mately joined to form the Perry

Slingsby Systems of today. As a leader in the design and manu- facturing of remote intervention technologies and equipment systems, the company is known worldwide for its dedication to quality and profes- sional excellence.

The experience that has been gained over the past 50 years through design and production of hundreds of

ROVs, Trenchers, Tether

Management Systems, Submarine

Rescue Systems, Submarine Cable

Plows, Tooling Systems and Remote

Intervention Technologies is unmatched throughout the world.

Production is carried out at two facilities. One in Kirkbymoorside, near York, England, in a 48,000 sq. ft. plant and the other in Jupiter, near

Palm Beach, Fla., in a 45,000 sq. ft. plant. Through employing specialist capabilities and technologies, PSS has developed market leading positions in Telecommunications, Defense, Oil & Gas, and related markets. While these markets all differ in their prod- uct and service application, they all share the need for remote solutions to problems in hostile environments.

PSS remote intervention technolo- gies and equipment systems have now

SonTek/YSI Inc. 6837 Nancy Ridge Drive, Suite A, San Diego, CA, 92121

Tel: 858-546-8327; Fax: 858-546-8150

E-mail: or

CEO: Rick Omlor

Executive Vice President: Gayle Rominger

Number of Employees: 250

Company Profile

Founded in 1992 and a leader in water velocity measure- ment, SonTek/YSI manufactures a range of affordable, reli- able acoustic Doppler systems for water velocity measure- ment in oceans, harbors, rivers, estuaries, and laboratories.

Since its invention of the Acoustic Doppler Velocimeter, the SonTek/YSI product line has grown into a diverse, multi-faceted mix of high-technology instrumentation. Put simply, our systems tell you how fast the water is moving, where it is moving, and even if it is not moving at all.

Additionally, just about all products are offered with an array of ancillary sensors for complete environmental moni- toring solutions. In July, 2001, YSI Incorporated, of Yellow

Springs, Ohio, acquired the assets of SonTek and formed a new company, SonTek/YSI, that operates as a wholly- owned subsidiary of YSI Inc.

Technology Profile

SonTek's first product, the 10-MHz Acoustic Doppler

Velocimeter (ADV), was developed in cooperation with the

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers' Waterways Experiment

Station. Originally designed for laboratory use, the ADV is a single-point, high-resolution Doppler current meter used for detailed studies of 3D velocity fields. Since its introduction, the ADV has become established as the standard for high- resolution velocity data.

The ADV product line includes laboratory and field instruments with options for integrated sen- sors (temperature, pres- sure, compass/tilt) and autonomous operation.

The SonTek product line expanded to include a wide range of current measurement instru- ments. The Acoustic

Doppler Profiler (ADP) is a current profiler with pro- filing ranges of up to 200 m. At its introduction in 1994, the ADP revolution- ized the market for current profilers. SonTek later refined current profiling by introducing the Pulse-Coherent

ADP (PCADP). With the introduction of the Argonaut-MD,

SonTek produced a new level in user-friendly, low-power

Doppler current meters for field applications. The Argonaut line expanded to include the Argonaut-SL and Argonaut-XR for hydrological and harbor monitoring applications and the

Argonaut-ADV for single point measurements where power is limited. The flexibility of our RiverSurveyor system was expanded with the introduction of our RiverCat integrated system, which can be used in shallow streams or in areas inaccessible by boat. The RiverCat is a completely self-con- tained, compact, discharge measurement solution that incorporates GPS, telemetry, and a shallow-water catama- ran.

Martin Anderson

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