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Subconn Inc.

PO Box 2793, Duxbury, MA 02331

Tel: 781 934 0790 • Fax: 781 934 3281

Contact: Mike Stewart

Email: mac-us@macartney. *

Company Profile

In January 1999 Subconn Inc. was established to service the underwater connector market in the Americas. The company is a joint venture between LVMM Inc., the manu- facturer and MacArtney A/S. Subconn Inc. has its head- quarters at the new manufacturing facility in Burwell and a sales and marketing base in Boston.

Technical Profile

The connectors, all based on a simple but rugged contact design, are accepted as a cost effective solution by the off- shore, military, geophysical, nuclear and ocean science markets.

Subconn concept has been adapted to produce a number of special application connectors. These range from the geophysical telemetry connectors for transition zone appli- cations; high power connectors for subsea systems; field installable and oil filled harness connectors; proximity switches and a complete range of compatible metal shell bulkhead and flange mount connectors. been grouped into Six Business Lines with assigned Business Line leaders bringing you unparalleled knowledge and experience, Vehicle Systems,

Tooling & Robotic Systems, Support

Services, Defense, Process Controls

Products and Geotechnical &

Trenching Products.

Pipeline Communications and

Technology Inc. 2800 Woodlawn Dr., Ste. 264, Honolulu, HI 96822

Tel: 808-539-3820; Fax: 808-539-3819


CEO: Monte Littlefield

Vice Presidents: David Hales, Wayne Karo

Marketing Director: Brad Wheeler

Pipeline Communications and

Technology Inc. provides defense and commercial customers with advanced communications and decision sup- port technologies. It is a Hawaii

Qualified High Tech Business that maintains R&D facilities in

Honolulu. Its portfolio of solutions includes secure wireless communica- tions technology, innovative road-side bomb jammers that permit friendly communications and maritime radar contact management tools for colli- sion avoidance.

Plymouth Marine Laboratory

Prospect Place, The Ho, Plymouth, Devon, PL1 3DH

Tel: +44 (0)1752 633437: Fax: +44 (0)1752 633101


CEO: Nick Owens - Director

President: Peter Claridge - Director of Operations

Dave Robins - Head of Corporate & External Affairs

Number of Employees: 122

Plymouth Marine Laboratory (PML) is an independent, impartial provider of scientific research, con- tract services and advice on the marine environment, with a focus on understanding marine ecosystems and reducing uncertainty about the complex processes and structures that sustain life in the seas and their role in the Earth system. PML delivers inno- vative research and solutions for marine and coastal programs world- wide.

Pro-Tect Plastic and Supply, Inc.

PO Box 1377, Jacksonville, OR 97530

Tel: 541-774-5506; Fax: 541-774-5508


CEO: Sharri Griffin

Vice President: Jim Griffin

Number of Employees: 3

Annual Sales (US$): $1.5 million

Pro-Tect Plastics and Supply, Inc. is a company that specializes in provid- ing the material, equipment, supplies and technical services to package, weatherize and preserve valuable products, parts and equipment. The

Pro-Tect shrink-wrap process results in a tough, weather tight barrier, which will protect any shaped object from the elements on a temporary or long-term basis. We also specialize in supplying materials for containments of Ships in or out of dry dock for repairs or sandblast cleaning.

Specializing in 7, 9 and 10.5 mil heat shrink films that are specifically formulated and developed by Pro-

Tect Plastics, heat shrink tapes, spray adhesives, poly woven strapping,

Shrinkfast heat tools and parts. Pro-

Tect Plastics and Supply, Inc. has suc- cessfully completed SSPC Guide 6

Class 1A shrink wrap containments throughout the United States on bridges, dams, ships, buildings, and tanks.

Sea School 8440 4th Street North

St. Petersburg, Fl.

Tel: 727-577-3992 t.

Fax: 737-522-3155 f.

Sea School has been serving mariners since 1977, offering USCG approved courses such as, maritime affairs, marine engineering, marine transportation and nautical science.

The Sea School's USCG Certified

Licensed Instructors have knowledge and experience in commercial vessel operations and instruction.

Headquartered in St. Petersburg,

Fl., the school is nationally renowned with offices across the U.S. and in the


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