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Schilling Robotics LLC 201 Cousteau Place, Davis, CA 95616-5412

Tel: 530-753-6718; Fax: 530-753-8092


CEO: Tyler Schilling

President: John Wetzel

Marketing Directors: Wes Gerriets/Jason Stanley

Number of Employees: 130

Since its found- ing in 1985,

Schilling Robotics has designed and manufactured remotely operated equipment for underwater envi- ronments. The company's initial products were remote manipulator systems, and Schilling quickly became a leading supplier of manipu- lator systems for the ROVs and cable trenching machines used in offshore oil, telecommunications, scientific, and military operations.

More than 20 years later, the com- pany continues to specialize in the design, development, manufacture, and field service of remotely operated systems. Products now include elec- tric and hydraulic work-class remote- ly operated vehicles (ROVs), and

Schilling's QUEST ROV was the first commercially available electric work- class system.

Technology Profile

Schilling Robotics produces the

Remote Systems Engine (RSE), a set of modular equipment items for underwater propulsion, actuation, control, and communication.

Products include the QUEST electric work-class remotely operated vehicle (ROV) system, a complete family of hydraulic ROVs, and four standard remote manipulator systems. All

Schilling ROVs are based on RSE building blocks.

The QUEST electric ROV, which delivers performance equivalent to a 100-hp system, offers speed, simplic- ity, small size, light weight, and exceptional capability.

Schilling offers four standard telero- botic manipulator systems (the


RigMaster) with a wide range of functions, sizes, lift capacities, ranges of motion, control systems, and dex- terities. In the dexterous, seven-func- tion, titanium TITAN 4, all subsea electronics are inside the manipulator arm, which increases reliability, enhances troubleshooting, and decreases weight and spares require- ments.

SAIC 221 Third Street Building "A" Newport, RI 02840

Tel: 401-847-4210 or 4018484773; Fax: 401-849-1585


CEO, President: Kenneth C. Dahlberg

CEO: Mark W. Sopp

Marketing Director: Ron Zollars

Number of Employes: 43,000+

Annual Sales (US$): $7.2 Billion

Founded by Dr. J. Robert Beyster and a small group of scientists in 1969, Science Applications

International Corporation (SAIC), a

Fortune 500 company, now ranks as the largest employee-owned research and engineering firm in the U.S.

SAIC and its subsidiaries have more than 43,000 employees with offices in over 150 cities worldwide.

SAIC has more than 30 years expe- rience solving complex technical problems for government and com- mercial customers in a variety of industries.

Seabotix 1425 Russ Blvd, T112D, San Diego, CA 92101 USA

Tel: 219-239-5959; Fax: 877-349-7074


President: Donald Rodocker

Sales Manager: Jesse Rodocker

Number of Employees: 24

Annual Sales: $3.5 million (See Profile on page 47)

Seaeye Marine Ltd

Lower Quay Rd, Fareham, Hampshire, United Kingdom

PO16 0RQ

Tel: +44 1329 289000; Fax:+44 1329 289001

CEO: Chris Tarmey

Managing Director: Matt Bates

Engineering Director: Jon Robertson

Marketing Director: Chris Tarmey

Sales Director: Dave Eggers

Number of Employees: 55

Annual Sales (US$): $12 million (See Profile on page 18)

SeaTrepid LLC 2333 Jones Road, Pottstwon, PA19465

Tel: 610-469-1730; Fax: 610-469-1730


CEO: Karen Christ

Vice President: Bob Christ

Marketing Director: Scott Shaw

Number of Employees: 4

Annual Sales: $750,000

SeaTrepid is a marine consulting and sales firm specializing in under- water acoustic and robotic equipment for Homeland Security, Public Safety

Diving, Commercial Inspections and

Military Support. The Products

Represented by SeaTrepid are classi- fied as underwater vehicles, sensors and user interface solutions tailored to customer requirements. Also pro- duced by SeaTrepid are various train- ing materials as well as the first com- prehensive Observation Class ROV

Manual scheduled to be published by

Elsevier Book Publishing Company in Summer 2006.

Seimac Limited 271 Brownlow Avenue, Dartmouth NS Canada BBBIW6

Tel: +9024683007; Fax: +9024683009


President: Jim Hanlon

Vice President: Paul Adlakha (Marketing & Sales)

Number of Employees: 50

Annual Sales: > $10 million

Seimac Limited is a 28 year old company that specializes in the design and manufacture of specialized mis- sion ciritical tracking and telemetry products for use by search and rescue, law enforcement and science profes- sionals throughout the world. Seimac

Tyler Schilling, CEO

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