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The MTR 200

Read this page in Pdf, Flash or Html5 edition of June 2006 Marine Technology Magazine Marine Technology Reporter 55 currently produces radios for: Search and Rescue; COSPAS_SARSAT

Beacons; Direction Finders; Datum

Marker Buoys; Telemetry and

Tracking; Miniaturized ARGOS

Satellite Transmitters; GOES Satellite

Transmitters; NOVATECH VHF

Beacons & Xenon Flashers.

Sidus Solutions 2785 Kurtz St. Ste. 1, San Diego, Calif. 92110

CEO: Leonard Pool

Marketing Director: Leslie Gill

Number of Employees: 10

Annual Sales (US$): $5 million

Founded in

September 2000,

SSI's team encom- passes more than 40 years of com- bined experience.

This team is built of individuals who are uniquely suit- ed and experi- enced in the industry of robotic posi- tioning, control and monitoring sys- tems. The primary business sectors

Sidus Solutions has marketed to have been the oil & gas exploration & pro- duction, refineries, oceanographic research and power generation indus- tries. Sidus Solutions offers a line of state-of-the-art security and surveil- lance products, including: SSI Pan- and-Tilt System and Hernis CCTV.

SonTek/YSI Inc. 6837 Nancy Ridge Drive, Suite A, San Diego, CA, 92121

Tel: 858-546-8327; Fax: 858-546-8150

E-mail: or

CEO: Rick Omlor

Executive Vice President: Gayle Rominger

Number of Employees: 250 (See Profile on page 49)

Sound Ocean Systems, Inc.

PO Box 2978, Redmond, WA 98073-2978

Tel: 425-869-1834; Fax 425-869-5554


President: Ted Brockett

Vice President: John Moore

Sales Manager: Brian Reid

Number of Employees: 15

Annual Sales: $3 million

Sound Ocean Systems, Inc. (SOSI) was established in 1978 to provide marine and undersea systems and related services at realistic costs through innovative engineering. The company offers unique first hand experience and capability in the development and operation of deep water systems designed for 6,000 m depth applications. SOSI ocean observation and environmental data logging systems include shallow water, coastal and open-ocean data buoys and ocean data platforms.

Buoy systems are supplied complete including buoy, mooring, data logger, telemetry, power, and oceanographic and meteorological sensors. Data telemetry options include ARGOS,

RF, Iridium and other satellite based telemetry systems. Underwater vehi- cles produced by SOSI include neu- trally buoyant towed bodies and non- buoyant vehicles used for sonar appli- cations, and video/photographic sur- veys of the seafloor or objects on the seafloor.

Sperry Maine 1070 Seminole Trail, Charlottesville, VA 22901-2891

Tel: 434-974-2000; Fax: 434-974-2259

President: John MeMaso

Vice President: J. Nolasco DaCunha

Marketing Director: Frank Soccoli

Sperry Marine is a business unit of

Northrop Grumman Corp. Sperry

Marine provides navigation and ship control solutions for the internation- al marine industry with customer service and support through offices in 16 countries, sales representatives in 47 countries, and authorized service depots in more than 250 locations around the world. Sperry Marine markets a broad range of marine nav- igation, ship control, information and automation systems for the world's merchant ships and naval ves- sels.

Subconn Inc.

PO Box 2793, Duxbury, MA 02331

Tel: 781 934 0790 • Fax: 781 934 3281

Contact: Mike Stewart

Email: mac-us@macartney. (See Profile on page 50)

Teledyne Benthos 49 Edgerton Drive, North Falmouth, MA 02556

Tel: 508-563-1000; Fax: 508-563-6444


CEO and President: Ron Marsiglio

Vice President: Francois Leroy

Marketing Director: Peter Zentz

Number of Employees: 150

Annual Sales: $25 million (See Profile on page 16)

Teledyne RD Instruments

E-mail: 9855 Businesspark Avenue, San Diego, CA 92131

Tel: 858-693-1178; Fax: 858-695-1459


CEO: Robert Mehrabian

General Manager: William Kikendall

Vice President: Harold Maxfield

Business Unit Sales Managers:

Navigation Products - Graham Lester

Marine Measurements Products - Darryl Symonds

Water Resources Products - Earl Childress

Number of Employees: 200 (Teledyne RDI only)

Annual Sales: $38 million (See Profile on page 51)

Telenor Satellite Services 1101 Wootton Pkwy, 10th floor, Rockville, MD 20852

Tel: 301-838-7805; Fax: 301-838-7832



CEO: Morten Tengs

President (U.S.): Britt Carina Horncastle

Vice President (U.S.): Dave Farmer

Sales Director: Bo Norton

Number of Employees: 550 Globally

Leonard Pool, CEO

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