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Telenor Satellite Services, a sub- sidiary of Telenor AS of Norway, has more than 35 years of international satellite communications experience providing global communications via satellite for customers on land, at sea, and in flight. Telenor Satellite

Services owns and operates a global network of teleports located at Eik (Norway) and Southbury (Connecticut) and Santa Paula (California) in the U.S., and operates

VSAT hubs at facilities in Nittedal (Norway) and Prague (Czech Rep).

The company uses the satellite sys- tems of Inmarsat, Intelsat, Iridium,

New Skies, Satmex, Thuraya and

Telenor's own satellites for its servic- es. Telenor also offers a complete array of secure communications serv- ices via STU-III, STU-IIB, STE,

KIV-7, and KG-84 technologies.

Telenor's expanded product portfolio offers broadband satellite solutions, on demand services, and an innova- tive menu of value-added services meet communications requirements of users around the globe.

Tenix Lads Corporation

Rhys Barker

Manager, Business Develop. 61-8-8300-4447 61-8-8349-7528

Tenix LADS Corporation and its

U.S. subsidiary, Tenix LADS Inc., are leaders in the the supply of airborne laser bathymetry systems and servic- es. Tenix LADS Corporation owns and operates the Laser Airborne

Depth Sounder (LADS), which is a fast, cost-effective tool for accurate bathymetric survey in coastal waters to 70 m deep. LADS is capable of surveying shallow, complex areas up to 20 times faster than survey ships and at 20 percent of the cost.

Tenix LADS Corporation uses our latest generation LADS Mk II, mounted in a deHavilland Dash 8- 202, and operated by an experienced survey team. ALADS operates in a broad range of environmental condi- tions, and LADS data has a variety of uses, including nautical charting;

EEZ delimitation; oil and gas explo- ration; coastal zone, beach and coral reef management; and strategic defence applications.

The Cornell Group, Inc. 4017 Williamsburg Court, Fairfax, VA 22032

Tel: 703-877-2080; Fax: 703-877-2081


CEO: Anita Gambhir

Number of Employees: 15

Annual Sales: $10 million

The Cornell Group is a multi-disci- plinary management-consulting firm providing Strategic Planning,

Privatization, Master Planning,

Institutional and Regulatory

Restructuring, Economic

Restructuring, Investment Planning and Infrastructure Development advice to senior management in the

Port, Waterways, Aviation, Rail and

Intermodal Transportation

Industries. Our Port Planning and

Engineering Group provides assis- tance with Master Planning and

Operations Improvement at Ports.

The Information Technology Group assists port and transportation indus- try clients improve productivity and enhance competitiveness through better application of Information

Technology and Training. Our

Investment Banking Operations pro- vides Strategic, Transaction and

Financial Advisory assistance for

Infrastructure projects worldwide.

Tritech International Limited

Perengrine Road, Westhill, Business Park, Westhill,

Aberdeen, U.K., Ab32 6JL

Tel: + 01224744111; Fax +01224741771


CEO: Richard Marsh

Sales Manager: Paul Hudson

Number of Employees: 25

Annual Sales: $10 million

Tritech International is an oil-relat- ed company in Scotland. The compa- ny is a current winner of the presti- gious Queen's Award for Innovation.

Past honors include the Royal Society of Edinburgh's Millennium Award, and our first Queen's Award, in 1994, for Export Achievement. A leader in the provision of sensors and tools for ROV and AUV markets,

Tritech embraces three different tech- nologies: Subsea imaging and meas- uring systems with both acoustic and video sensors, and many state of the art mechanical and electrical prod- ucts. Each product can be integrated with every other product on a system network.

Technology Profile:

Tritech partners with technology leaders in several different, but com- plementary engineering disciplines.

The principal product range is a fam- ily of digital CHIRP sonars starting with the smallest Micron DST through to the Super SeaKing DST for the professional offshore market.

Many other acoustic sensors includ- ing Altimeters, Side Scan sonars,

Parametric sonars and Modems, have established themselves worldwide as the finest quality subsea products

I-4 Satellite for new BGAN services.

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