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The MTR 200

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58 MTR June 2006

Number of Employees: 26

Annual Sales: $12 million

Washington Chain & Supply has been filling the supply & service needs of the marine,construction,and offshore drilling industries since 1954. Maintaining perhaps the largest inventory of heavy hardware & wire rope in the U.S. WCS can provide Certificates with our 1,000 ton testing machines, certified by

American Bureau of Shipping, Lloyds

Register of Shipping, U.S. Dept. of

Labor & DNV.

Woods Hole Group Inc. 81 Technology Park Drive, East Falmouth, MA 02536

Tel: 508-495-6253; Fax: 508-540-1001


CEO: Dr. David Aubrey

President: Dennis Aubrey

Vice President: Robert P. Hamilton, Jr.

Sales Manager: William D. Grafton III

General Manager: Robert Catalano

Engineering Director: Dr. Bruce Magnell

The Woods Hole Group, Inc. was founded in 1986 by Dr. David

Aubrey, who assembled a team of coastal sciences, engineering and planning personnel. The firm estab- lished a reputation for improving transboundary environmental policy with projects in the Black and

Caspian Seas. To bolster offshore capabilities, an oceanographic equip- ment company was acquired in 1991, adding oceanographic and engineer- ing personnel. Building upon a stan- dard product line of wave, tide and current meters (WHISL), the emerg- ing oceanography and measurement systems team grew to specialize in real-time systems and developed pro- prietary software for date display and management. The team specializes in real-time measurement systems and physical oceanographic/engineering studies for offshore energy and port/harbor applications worldwide including a network of international representatives in 20 countries.

Technology Profile

Woods Hole Group’s coastal sci- ences, engineering and planning team has developed unique computer mod- els for waves, tides, currents, sedi- ment transport, and contaminant transport and fate.

They are applied to design shore protection, dredg- ing, habitat restoration and remediation proj- ects. Its oceanog- raphy and meas- urement systems team designs, inte- grates, installs and operates real-time met-ocean moni- toring systems for offshore oil and gas applications, as well as port and harbor environ- ments. Proprietary software was developed to turn real-time data into the information required by marine decision-makers. This team is active- ly involved with new research and development initiatives involving sea bed telemetry of deepwater currents.

Robert Catalano, VP

Robert P. Hamilton, Jr., VP

IXSEA Expands in U.S.

IXSEA announced the appoint- ment of Larry Buchanan as Sales

Manager for the Gulf of Mexico and

West Coast of the U.S. Buchanan attended Indiana University. He joined the offshore survey sector in

Houston, Texas in the 1970's and since, has worked extensively in the marine surveying business. His experience in the offshore industry includes hydrographic and marine surveying and construction projects worldwide. Buchanan has authored numerous works and serves with several industry organi- zations for establishing survey standards and continues to work toward improvements in tools and techniques in marine surveying and mapping. "We are delighted that Larry has come onboard and he indeed brings extensive experience in both the offshore and survey industries," said Managing Director of IXSEA

INC., Stephane Loeul. "This comes at a time when

IXSEA is expanding its operations: we have recently moved to new offices in Woburn, MA to meet the demands of our customers and our growing business."

The new IXSEA address is: IXSEA Inc., 500 West

Cummings Park, Suite 1000, Woburn, MA 01801, Tel: (781) 937-8800; Fax: (781) 937-8806.

Canyon Charters Tyco Decisive

Tyco Telecommunications has chartered the Tyco

Decisive to Houston-based Canyon Offshore for four months beginning June 1, 2006. The ship will function as the support platform for two remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) including the pipeline trencher Supertrencher II and the work-class ROV Triton XL. The operation will facilitate trenching and inspection in two areas: the Gulf of Mexico and the North Sea.

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