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Subsea Vehicle Report – Unmanned Underwater Systems

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Klein Associates, Inc. L-3com.comEXPERIENCE YOU CAN CLEARLY SEEFrom shallow water applications to deep water surveys, L-3 Klein has the right equipment for the job. Side scan sonar is our core business area, and we continue to provide innovative solutions that meet 21st century demands. Our worldwide reputation is built upon more than 40 years of experience providing quality products and excellent customer service.For more on how L-3 Klein is making the oceans transparent, call (603) 893-6131 or visit us at Klein Associates, Inc.For more on how L-3 Kleicustomerservice. Our worldwide reputationour core businesssonar isappliFrom shallow water n is making the oceans transp is built upon more than 40 yeaand we continue to proarea, scations to deep water surveys parent, call (603) 893-6131 or vars of experience providing qusolutions that ovide innovativeright equips, L-3 Klein has the L-3com.comvisit us at products and excellentcentury demands.21stmeetthe job. Side scanpment for MTR#2 (18-33):MTR Layouts 2/21/2012 10:43 AM Page 19

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