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Subsea Vehicle Report – Unmanned Underwater Systems

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Vehicles 12From the Drawing Board ... ... to the field, MTR charts this history and future of autonomy through the eyes of industry leaders. ? by Rhonda MonizAUV insights with16Dr. Jim Bellingham Bellingham, Chief Technologist, MBARI, has a long and storied career in the development of modern subsea vehicles. ? by Rhonda MonizDr. Kenneth Lee is 58The Spill Stopper Dr. Kenneth Lee ? a globally renowned expert in the use of chemical dispersants on oil spills ? shares with MTR his philosophies to help Mother Earth recover from disaster. ? by Greg Trauthwein Profile: Sea-Bird 67Small Start, Global Impact Sea-Bird ? today a global CTD leader ? emerged from humble beginnings at the hands of Art Pederson in 1978. ? by Raina ClarkROV72GOM ROV Project Helping to deliver survey data faster via ROV. ? by Ian Florence & Craig Wallace 8Greening the Research Fleet 82Products 86 OI ?12 Exhibitor Previews 96Advertiser?s Index AtlanticCanadaAtlantic Canada, particu- lary the subsea clustersin and around Halifax, NS and St. Johns, NL, are featured. See story on page 33On theCoverIn our Annual Vehicles edition, MTR soughtinsights from some indus- try luminaries for per-spective on what thefuture may hold. (Photo courtesy Bluefin) See story on page 122MTRMarch 2012 March 2012 contentsMarine Technology Reporter Volume 55  Number 2 (Photo courtesy: Hydroid) MTR#2 (1-17):MTR Layouts 2/23/2012 12:18 PM Page 2

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