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Atlantic Canada Supplement56 MTRMarch 2012 Discovering Atlantic Canada NOVA SCOTIA together to tailor speciÞ c programs to ensure students continue to graduate with the skills employers are looking for. In addition to developing our local talent, a sizeable number of technicians, scientists, and engineers needed to work in this sector already live in the province. Our knowledge assets in the region include the Bedford Institute of Oceanography, the National Research CouncilÕs Institute for Marine Biosciences and the Halifax Marine Research Institute. Through these, we have access to professional and research networks essential to product innovation, development, and commercialization. Aside from the aforementioned navy contract, what do you consider to be the major driving force for SUBSEA technology business in the region? The major driving force is our people, our research and development capacity and the companies that operate here. In addition to the Halifax Research Marine Institute, our province has the Bedford Institute of Oceanography, Dalhousie University is home to more than 100 researchers focusing on oceans and ocean technology and the National Research CouncilÕs Institute for Marine Biosciences is home to the Industry Partnership Facility based in Halifax which explores the commercial potential of technologies in marine biosciences and life sciences.When I visited Halifax in September 2011, I accompanied a group of European business and association executives who were in town to help forge business relationships. Please put in perspective for me NSBI initiatives to attract and interest companies outside of the province, outside of Canada to ?set up shop? in your region? We are home to one of North AmericaÕs most competitive business climates. We work closely with government partners, industry, and academia to ensure Nova ScotiaÕs business environment is attractive for investors and can sustain growth in the long-term. We also share information, relationships and expertise to help with a successful transition to the province. We understand that cash ß ow and proÞ tability are a deÞ ning part of any businesses success. Our Business Financing team helps companies increase both. Through loans and guarantees, incentive and rebate programs, we structure Þ nancial solutions to meet companiesÕ needs. Companies around the globe have discovered the beneÞ ts of doing business in Nova Scotia. We have the distinct advantage of being located along the Atlantic Ocean on CanadaÕs East Coast. WeÕre a short ß ight away from major North American markets, and because of our time zone, our workday overlaps with both the United States and Europe. Our state-of-the-art port infrastructure and international airport make it easy to travel and trade. Competitive costs, coupled with a stream of skilled talent from our 11 universities and a province wide community college system, are key success factors for companies operating in Nova Scotia. MTR2 Canada Supplement 49-64.indd 56MTR2 Canada Supplement 49-64.indd 562/23/2012 10:23:27 AM2/23/2012 10:23:27 AM

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