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Subsea Vehicle Report – Unmanned Underwater Systems

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90MTRMarch 2012 Oceanscience Group TheOceanscience Group will show- case its sensordeployment sys- tems, theUnderwaySV and UnderwayCTD, which offer highly- accurate and repeatable CTD and sound velocity profiling on vessels of opportunity while underway at over 10kts. Instead of stopping the ves- sel for a lengthy CTD or sound veloc- ity (SV) cast, Oceanscience customers can obtain these critical profiles with- out any survey disruption at all. Booth No. RJE RJE introduces a navigation solu-tion that mimicssurface GPS receivers. The DNC diver navigation console is small battery operated platform that uses internal sensors to provide "dead-reckoning" navigation to divers in real time. Using a retractable GPS receiver, the DNC takes an ini- tial geodetic starting point on the sur- face and, using built-in sensors, calcu-lates the diver position underwater. A LCD displays the diver's navigation solution in real time using waypoints, routes, and other posted data. Booth No. Rockland ScientificRockland Scientific Inc. (RSI) spe- cializes in the measurement of ocean turbulence and manufactures instru- ment systems for deployment from ships, gliders, moorings, autonomousfloats, or AUVs. RSI equipment is used world-wide in a variety of disci- plines,: Climate Research, Renewable Ocean Energy, Coastal Management and Erosion Studies, and Fisheries Research. RSI has recently introduced the MicroSquid, an eddy correlation measurement system that integrates high-resolution, fast-response sensors for temperature, conductivity, and oxygen with an acoustic Doppler velocimeter. Booth No. R100 SeaBotix SeaBotix and Sound Metrics have combined expertise to produce a revolu- tionary new inte- grated solution.The vLBV provides an unprecedented stable and capable platform, where the ARIS produces 2D sonar images with incredibly clar- ity. To further enhance the package the ARIS sonar is capable of 180degree roll providing a new dimen- sion that allows the operator to assim- ilate a 3D perception. Booth No. New Multibeam EchosounderTeledyne Odom Hydrographic intro- duces Multibeam Echosounder, the MB1. The new 120° sonar operates on a user selectable fre- quency from 170 kHz to 220 kHz. MB1 features Phase & Amplitude bottom detection, 24 Bit Water Column Backscatter data, Sidescan, Snippets, light weight Titanium & Acetal construction, optional inte- grated Motion Sensor and GPS head- ing system.Booth No. Saab SeaeyePanther XTPlus: The Panther XT Plus sees a breakthrough in power manage- ment that has created a vehicle with 50% more power, fitted with ten powerful thrusters. Cougar XT Compact: A compactversion of the successful Cougar range has been created to minimize the effect of current, making it an ideal vehicle for operation in high currents and shallow waters. Falcon : With more than 260 Falcon ROVs in use around the globe, the Falcon?s success has come from being small enough to manhan- dle into the water, yet powerful enough to hold steady in strong cross currents and operate tooling of all kinds.Booth No. SAIV ASManufacturer of oceanographic/ hydrographic sensors/recorders for high accuracy measurements in the field: CTD/STD w/Sound Velocity and multiparameter facilities:Oxygen, Turbidity, Fluorescence Tide/Pressure/Depth and Water Level recorders. SAIV debuts new model SD208 with the highest CTD accu-racy and built-in wireless communi- cation feature for set-up and transfer of data. Also the unic Automatic Preview  Oceanology International 2012MTR#2 (82-96):MTR Layouts 2/22/2012 11:14 AM Page 90

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