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Subsea Vehicle Report – Unmanned Underwater Systems

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92MTRMarch 2012 SubCTechSubCtech GmbH presents the complete product range of pCO2 analyzer and environmental monitor- ing systems e.g. for vessels. Recently this product family has been com- pleted with new systems especially designed for buoy and subsea applica- tions, launched at OI 2012. In addi- tion, the company provides subsea Li-Ion PowerPacks (e.g. 14.8V 1.7kWh) to supply energy and realize autonomous surface and subsea applications. Booth No. Teledyne RD InstrumentsTeledyne RD Instruments will be marking its 30th year of providing acoustic Doppler products for meas- uring water in motion and motion inwater. On display at OI 2012 will be our full line of Acoustic Doppler Current Profilers (ADCPs), including the new next-gen Sentinel V ADCP; our Citadel CTD products; and our growing line of Doppler Velocity Logs (DVLs) for underwater naviga- tion. Booth No. Tritex Multigauge 4000 ROVMetal Thickness GaugeTritex NDT upgraded its Multigauge 4000 Series ROV Thickness Gauges for mounting onto most work class ROV?s. The range includesthe Multigauge 4100 andMultigauge 4400 which are for use in depthsof 1000m and4000m respectively. The Multigauge 4100 is now made from Acetal and the Multigauge 4400 from Titanium for extra durability. Booth No. Teledyne TSSVisitors to the Teledyne TSS stand at Oceanology will be among the first Preview  Oceanology International 2012MTR#2 (82-96):MTR Layouts 2/22/2012 11:17 AM Page 92

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