SeeByte Software for L-3 Klein Sonar

Posted by Irina Tabakina

SeeByte demonstrated its Automatic Target Recognition (ATR) software using a L-3 Klein Associates sonar payload (L-3 Klein UUV 3500, dual frequency 455/900 kHz) on an Iver-3 vehicle. This process involved the ATR software being tuned to the Klein sonar in order for the software to be able to identify contacts of interest in the sonar data. The tuning of the sonar was done using settings commonly applied in mine countermeasures (MCM) missions. Once the mission was completed the data was imported into SeeTrack Military where the Mission Review Tool was used to mark and measure contacts. The geo-referencing engine was used to visualize all relevant data from that same location.

(As published in the March 2015 edition of Marine Technology Reporter -

Marine Technology Magazine, page 72,  Mar 2015

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