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Products Buoyancy

DeepWater Buoyancy’s DeepWater Benthic Lander

DeepWater Buoyancy claims to be components, there are also plastic, com- lander is free-fall deployed to the sea- the world’s largest supplier of subsea posite, polyurethane and fabricated met- ? oor to collects data. The product is buoyancy to the ocean science commu- al products for use subsea. DeepWater equipped with a dual acoustic release nity. The product line is more than 35 Buoyancy will also design and produce system which allows it to drop ballast years old and is known throughout the a custom product. when it is time for recovery. Once the world and in all offshore marine mar- Pictured is a Deepwater Benthic Land- ballast is dropped, the system is posi- kets. DeepWater Buoyancy also has a er, a complete system which includes tively buoyant and returns to the sur- large and growing product line of buoy- buoyancy, framework, instrument face. Signi? cantly, the system can be ancy solutions for offshore oil & gas clamps, hardware and ballast. Systems designed for depths as great as 6000 and technology companies. Though it are customized per the ? nal customer’s meters.

offers products for shallow water appli- application & instrumentation, and the cations, it specializes in deepwater, pro- viding solutions to depths product line improves and new items are added in response to market conditions, changing technology, and customer requirements.

In addition of 6000 meters and beyond.

In 2013, DeepWater Buoyancy acquired the rights and designs for the legacy Flo- tec material technology and products, and has been producing, improving and growing the Flotec product line. Each year the to product innovation, new pro- cesses and equipment are added to the companies already wide capabilities.

At the heart of the DeepWater Buoy- ancy product line are the subsurface

ADCP buoys, originally developed for

Teledyne RD Instruments’ ADCPs. Con- sisting primarily of both spherical and elliptical buoys, the product line also in- cludes the unique StableMoor Mooring

Buoys. These torpedo-shaped buoys are engineered to house ADCPs and other sensors for high current data collection applications. By design, the StableMoor reduces drag and increases mooring sta- bility in extreme ? ow regimes, thereby producing superior data sets. However,

DeepWater Buoyancy’s product line goes well beyond ADCP buoys. In the oceanographic market there are bottom mounts, instrument collars, and cable ? oats. For offshore oil & gas, there are installation blocks, modular buoys, deepwater marker ? oats and ROV buoy- ancy. In addition to DeepTec syntactic foam products and custom-engineered

Photo: DeepWater Buoyancy

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