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MTR 100 sight technology to the most demanding

Unmanned Survey environments such as surveying highly

Solutions dense areas (bridges, buildings, etc)

Hayle, U.K.

or where only a single antenna can be

President/CEO: James Williams used. This technology allows robust and

No. of Employees: 4 consistent performance even in low dy- namics survey. SBG Systems is a fast

Unmanned Survey Solutions (USS) growing supplier of miniature, high per- designs, builds and operates USVs. In formance and innovative motion sens- the last 12 months, it has modi? ed its In- ing solutions. SBG Systems headquar- ception Class MKII USV and launched

Applied Acoustics ters are based in Carrières-sur-Seine, the Accession Class USV. The Incep-

France. SBG Systems offers a com-

Applied Acoustics tion USV is designed to be a modular, plete line of inertial sensors based on

Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, UK versatile and a robust USV composed the state-of-the-art MEMS technology

President/CEO: Adam Darling of aluminum hulls, weed cutting propel- such as Motion Reference Uni (MRU),

No. of Employees: 44 lers and a modular payload pod system

Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU), Iner- for ? tting a variety of sonar and envi- ronmental sensing equipment. The Applied Acoustics reached its 30 year tial Navigation Systems with embedded

Inception USV has a payload pod that milestone this year. Back in the 80’s it GNSS (INS/GNSS), etc. Our sensors can be ? tted with single or multi-beam manufactured subsea equipment for the are ideal for marine applications such as offshore hydrocarbon industry, but now hydrography, ship motion monitoring; sonar systems, phase measuring bathy-

SONAR, LiDAR, and Buoy orientation metric sonars, side scan sonars or a va- it supplies the commercial offshore sec- & position ; ROV & AUV control, etc.

riety of other sensors. Used on inland tor as well as oceanographic institutions

Offering both MEMS and FOG tech- waterways, reservoirs, lakes, marinas and defense markets. Increasingly sales are exported across the world’s oceans, nology, SBG inertial navigation systems and harbor for hydrographic survey- served by strategically placed service combines robust sensors with advanced ing (bathymetry mapping). The Acces- sion Class USV launched in April 2019, centers and a network of competent calibration techniques to offer miniature and affordable solutions.

sporting a unique modular design which overseas agents.

was modelled and tested in numerous All the design and manufacturing of

Blueprint Lab environmental conditions. Built by sur- the acoustic products is carried out from

St Peters, NSW, Australia veyors for surveyors, this USV is de- the single site in Great Yarmouth, UK

President/CEO: Paul Phillips signed to be simple to operate, reliable where more than 80% of the staff are

No. of Employees: 9 and robust. The Accession USV starts skilled engineers. The company con- at 3.5m hull and offers 12 hours endur- stantly invests heavily in R&D so that

Blueprint Lab is focused on making the ance for hydrographic surveying at typi- its products are always of cutting- edge cal survey speeds. Then, with either the design and suitable for the challenging smallest, all-electric subsea-rated actua- tors available in the world. According to addition of a 0.75m or 1.50m section subsea environment.

This year alone the company has the company, this ? lled a capability gap of hull and various payload and/or fuel combinations, the vessel can operate in launched a further Ultra High De? nition for users of portable Remotely Operated sparker for sub-bottom pro? ling using Vehicles (ROVs) at an affordable price excess of eight days at sea. It can oper- ate as a lone survey vessel or as a force a double-decker design and further en- multiplier from a mother ship increasing hancements to its market-leading Easy- productivity and lowering costs. trak range of USBL systems suitable for the novice user right up to the sophisti- cated geophysical engineer.

SBG Systems

SBG Systems has continued its de- velopment in the marine Industry by completing our product line dedicated to Hydrographers with a FOG IMU, the

Horizon. This new IMU brings the Nav-

Unmanned Survey Solutions

Blueprint Lab

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