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NORBIT also produce tightly integrated

Norbit Subsea survey solutions and real time steered

NORBIT Subsea is part of NORBIT multibeam visualisation systems. Cli- ents including military; governmental;

Oceans that provides Technology, prod- ucts, solutions and services in the full leading research institutions as well as “Ocean Space” domain. Together, the respected public and private interna- tional companies, rely on NORBIT to business unit NORBIT Oceans, com- prises four Ocean related specialists delivering capability every day. With a market ? elds under a single identi? able strong value to be safe under pressure and re? ne talents, NORBIT allows cli- brand. Operating in Defence & Security; ents to Explore More with a high value

Maritime Surveillance & Environmental

Monitoring; Oil & Gas; Renewables; and high-performance product and ser- vice deliverable

Transportation; Research and Engineer- ing. NORBIT Subsea is well known for

The Tech high resolution, ultra-compact wide-

NORBIT technology is based on the band multibeam sonar systems for per- manent or temporary installation on latest in analogue and digital signal pro- cessing enabling products to provide vessels, USV, ROVs; AUVs and the sea- bed. As well as leading bathymetric and wide coverage monitoring combined

Peter Eriksen forward-looking visualisation sonars, with high sensitivity and accuracy.

Blue Robotics Inc.

Torrance, Calif.

President/CEO: Rustom Jehangir

No. of Employees: 34

Blue Robotics

Since its founding in 2014, Blue Robotics has existed to an affordable potting compound for subsea applications, and propel marine robotics. Starting with the T100 Thruster, its ? rst sonar product, the Ping Echosounder. To support the launched through a Kickstarter campaign, its product line mission, the Blue Robotics team has grown to 34 people and has now grown to more than 250 components designed to it recently moved into a new 25,000 sq. ft. design and manu- advance the ? eld of marine robotics. Its focus on cost con- facturing facility in Torrance, CA. Blue Robotics’ product sciousness, its open source philosophy and its extensive line spans a wide range of technology areas with a common product documentation has made Blue Robotics’ products theme of cost-consciousness, innovative design drawing in- popular in a wide range of applications and industries. Since spiration from proven technologies, and extensive documen- 2014, it has shipped hundreds of thousands of components, tation and information. Its core technology is its patented including more than 35,000 thrusters, to customers globally. thruster design, which is compact, inherently pressure tol-

Blue Robotics’ customers are tackling some of the biggest erant and affordable. In addition to thrusters, the company challenges facing the planet, creating solutions for the pres- offers actuators, watertight enclosures, buoyancy foam, sen- ent and future. The Blue Robotics staff is driven to enable sors, lights, cables, control system electronics, sonars, and this work with its components and systems. its ? agship product, the BlueROV2 subsea vehicle. The has

In the last 12 months, Blue Robotics has grown to support several expansion options including additional thrusters for and enable that mission and community. It has added staff six-degree-of-freedom maneuvering capability, an acoustic to support a growing list of distributors and component in- positioning system, a tether spool, and a low-cost single- tegrators, it hosted its ? rst ever Blue Robotics Open House function manipulator. In the last year, Blue Robotics have to bring together marine robotics enthusiasts from around added new products including the Ping Echosounder, a low- the world, and it expanded its support of marine robotics cost, depth rated echosounder. It has also developed a spe- competitions. It also introduced of a number of new prod- cial geared version of its thruster that is now in use on the ucts including a tether spool and gripper for the BlueROV2, WHOI Mesobot project.

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