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Moog Focal SubC Imaging

Focal Technologies, a Moog Inc. com- SubC Imaging continues to grow in pany, specializes in providing electrical designs and employees, moving from a slip rings, ? ber optic rotary joints, hy- 5000 sq. ft. to a 6500 sq. ft. facility in draulic utility swivels and ? ber optic 2018. In this location, it has developed multiplexer solutions for the worldwide an extensive quantitative optical test marine industry including ROV, seis- setup. Testing includes 3D prototyp- mic, FPSO turret and oceanographic ing, 10m x 1m in-house test tank, im- applications. This year Moog Focal has age calibration, and nearby port facili- developed new technology and recently ties for ? eld testing to ensure the highest launched products in a number of new quality products. SubC’s latest product

Sea? oor Systems markets. One of these product lines in- developments include the Ray? n Ultra-

Sea? oor Systems cludes the release of the 914-X Series Optics, Aquorea LED Mk3, MantaRay www.sea? modular multiplexer product line. The Parallel lasers, and streaming with the

Sea? oor Systems was founded in 1999

Model 914-X series represents a tech- has 20 years’ experience delivering DVRO. UltraOptics offers a 120 degree nical leap forward for the Moog Focal high-performance hydrographic survey ultra-wide angle rectilinear lens and multiplexer product line. The 914-HDE solutions to the marine industry. In addi- 21MP digital sensor PTZ. With the pan- is a single universal motherboard with 3 tilt-zoom function inside the camera, the tion to providing proven solutions, Sea- optical speed options, 20+ optical wave- task of physically moving the camera is ? oor is the leading manufacturer of Un- length options, and an ever expanding manned Surface Vehicles (USV’s) for not necessary. MantaRay Lasers project array of expansion cards allow users to hydrographic applications in the world. two parallel beams that appear as green con? gure a modular multiplexing sys- Sea? oor Systems is a customer-driven dots in images, used to get distance tem. and scale of underwater objects. SubC manufacturer of unmanned hydrograph-

Streaming is a cloud-based service that ic solutions to the marine industry. With

PELI Products the introduction of the HydroCat range sends streaming of video and audio to your browser. Ray? n camera (avail- of USV’s in 2018, Sea? oor now offers a able in UltraOptics and LiquidOptics)

Since 1976, Peli has designed and complete range of vehicles from inshore 21 megapixel digital stills with embed- manufactured both high-performance to the Surf zone, to offshore environ- case solutions and advanced portable ments. Sea? oor designs, develops, and ded metadata Live Ethernet transfer of video and stills continuous 21MP pho- lighting systems, with great experience manufacturers hydrographic survey so- tos up to 4Hz 4K and HD recording to in the research, development and manu- lutions and platforms for the hydrogra- internal storage simultaneous video re- facturing of a wide range of premium pher and non-hydrographer alike.

cording and digital stills scripting with products. In January 2019, Peli products acquisition API 5x sensor crop zoom + introduced the 9600 LED Modular Light

Sensor Technology 5x digital zoom (10x total) 21MP digi- with powerful wide beam coverage. tal sensor PTZ (UltraOptics) Situational

With 3,000 lumen value per light head,

SensorTech has embarked on a signi? - awareness with 120-degree ultra-wide the 9600 offers continuous lighting that cant growth phase. In the past year, it has angle rectilinear lens (UltraOptics) complies with the HSE requirement for added close to $500,000 of new equip- illumination. In June 2019, Peli Prod- ment to increase its capacity as well Aquorea LED Mk3 Aquorea Hybrid - a ucts Unveiled the PELI Air 1745 Long as capability in both the manufacture strobe/light hybrid that synchronizes the

Case. Now pro-users can protect their of piezoelectric ceramic and acoustic camera exposure time with its activation time while strobing, freezing the stills long equipment in a case line that is up transducers. It has also expanded with a taken so that objects photographed can to 40% lighter than other polymer cases, new facility in Atlantic Canada where all be captured in highest detail. minimizing additional travel costs. The ? nal assembly of sensors is now done. It 1745 PELI Air Case boasts more than launched a new product line that allows 3.8 sq. m., making it the deepest PELI the system integrator a rapid way to get long case. It was especially designed to sensors into their system for real-world protect all manner of long equipment, testing. First Gen Acoustics was created like surveying equipment, camera tri- to ? ll a gap in the marketplace reduc- pods, weapons and archery bows, in the ing lead-times by four times helping our harshest environments. clients get its Next Generation acoustic system into validation phase faster.

SubC Imaging

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