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JW Fishers

East Taunton, Mass.

President/CEO: Karen Fisher

No. of Employees: 13

Website: www.jw?

JW Fishers Mfg has specialized in the design and manu- deeply buried pipelines, electrical lines, and ? ber optic ca- facture of high-tech, reasonably priced underwater search bles.

equipment for more than 51 years. Its sonar systems, under- JW Fishers designs/manufactures all of its underwater water metal detectors, ROVs, and magnetometers are in use search systems at its factory in the U.S. The extensive line by commercial diving companies, public safety dive teams, includes hand-held and boat-towed metal detectors, the Pro- government agencies, police and military units worldwide. ton 5 magnetometer (5th generation), numerous underwa-

JW Fishers was founded in the mid-60s by Jack Fisher. ter video systems, two ROVs, side scan sonar, sector scan

Mr. Fisher, an avid diver, needed an underwater metal detec- sonar, acoustic pingers & receivers, pipe & cable trackers, tor to use on a salvage project. Over the next several years a sub bottom pro? ler system and the Pulse 8X underwater he developed and built his own underwater metal detec- metal detector recognized #1 by US Homeland Security.The tor. The company continually expanded its line to include SAR-1 metal detector was speci? cally designed for projects boat-towed metal detectors and magnetometers. Underwater that need to locate metal objects in poor visibility, underwa- cameras were a natural follow-on to the product line. Next ter environments. The unit alerts the user to the presence of came a family of sonar systems including scanning sonars metal by vibration which is transmitted through the handle and side scan sonars. Acoustic pingers were added as a way and a bright red LED display. It’s “snareless” design with no to mark the location of underwater sites and oceanographic external wires or cables, rugged construction, streamlined instruments. Cable and pipe trackers followed resulting from con? guration, and bright yellow search coil help the end customer demand for easy to use instruments that could ? nd user ? nd any target in ZERO visibility waters.

Hemisphere GNSS Inc.

President/CEO: Farlin Halsey

No. of Employees: 110+

Hamisphere GNSS Inc. JW Fishers

Hemisphere GNSS designs and manufactures heading and install and use enclosure. The V200 delivers 1.5 degree (or positioning products, services, and technology for use in optional 0.75 degree) heading accuracy and Atlas L-band ac- multiple markets, and any application that requires high-pre- curacies of 30 cm to 60 cm and offers instantaneous sub-me- cision heading and positioning. Hemisphere holds numer- ter accuracy and DGPS-level accuracy. Measuring only 35 ous patents and other intellectual property and sells glob- cm in length, the V200 can be either pole or surface mounted ally with several brands including Athena, Atlas, Crescent, and comes in 5- or 12-pin options that require only a single

Eclipse, Outback Guidance, and Vector for high-precision power/data cable connection for fast and reliable installa- applications. Hemisphere is headquartered in Scottsdale, tions, even in the presence of strong radio transmissions.

AZ, , with of? ces located around the globe and is part of Hemisphere’s Vector GNSS compass solutions provide

Beijing UniStrong Science & Technology Co., Ltd. precise heading and positioning for IMO-wheel marked ap-

Powered by Hemisphere’s Crescent Vector technology, plications, hydrographic surveying vessels, ? shing vessels, the V200 is a multi-GNSS compass system that uses GPS, leisure boats, work boats, and other general marine naviga-

GLONASS, BeiDou, Galileo, and QZSS for simultaneous tion applications. The Vector compasses bring a collection of satellite tracking to offer heading, position, heave, pitch, and robust features including heave, pitch, and roll output as well roll output. The all-in-one V200 GNSS compass combines as NMEA 0183 and NMEA 2000 support. Hemisphere’s At-

Hemisphere’s Crescent Vector H220 OEM board, two supe- las is an innovative service that delivers correction signals rior multipath and noise-rejecting antennas (spaced 20 cm via L-band satellites at scalable accuracies ranging from apart), a multi-axis gyro, and tilt sensors in a single easy-to- sub-meter to sub-decimeter levels.

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