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WATCH the ‘ROV from ASV’ concept in action @ debuts-rov-from-asv-technology-100112


Portchester, Hampshire, UK

Broussard, Louisiana

Fall River, Massachusetts

President/CEO: William M. Brown

No. of Employees: 50,000


L3Harris Unmanned Maritime Systems division is helping to mission of over 14 hours in San Diego Bay. The route of over rede? ne the way the world works at sea with unmanned and 35nm saw the Iver4 UUV collect high-quality side scan and autonomous technology. L3Harris produces Autonomous Sur- bathymetry data.

face Vehicle (ASV) and Unmanned Underwater Vehicle (UUV) solutions from the ASV and Iver product ranges. L3Harris ve- The Tech hicles have been deployed in the ? eld since the early 2000s in L3Harris’ Iver and ASV product ranges are developed spe- the service of military and commercial organizations. To date ci? cally for hydrographic survey, offshore energy, re-search,

L3Harris has produced more than 400 unmanned and autono- environmental monitoring, Mine Counter Measures (MCM), mous vehicles for worldwide operations and remains at the Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR) and forefront of latest de-velopments with ongoing R&D. Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW). The Iver vehicles are fully

The company provides defense and commercial technolo- autonomous, capable of operating for up to 20 hours on NiMH gies to the maritime domain. L3Harris grew its portfolio of and 300m deep while carrying a variety of sensors. The Iver4 autonomous and unmanned technology with the acquisition of can cover more than 40nm of survey lines on a single charge.

OceanServer in 2017 and ASV Global in 2018. The company’s The C-Worker range of ASVs ranging from 4m-8m, are cus- newly formed Unmanned Maritime Systems division now tom designed for inland, coastal and offshore tasks including houses the ASV and Iver product ranges of sur-face and sub- survey and inspection. L3Harris’ ASVs are controlled using the surface autonomy. L3Harris achieved an industry ? rst earlier ASView autonomous control system for operations spanning this year with the demonstration of an ASV deploying, operat- remote control and full autonomy. L3Harris is undertaking re- ing and recovering a Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV). The search and development in the areas of advanced autonomy

C-Worker 7 ASV deployed an inspection-class ROV for verti- and operating over the horizon safely. L3Harris employs tech- cal and horizontal subsea inspection off the south coast of the niques such as machine vision and deep learning to develop its

UK. In May 2019, the Iver4 UUV completed a long-endurance autonomous navigation and situational awareness capability.

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