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Autonomous Vehicle Operations

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Technology New & Notable

VideoRay wins Navy Deal

RV Nanuq

Armstrong Marine


Valeport on

Oceaneering Planck Institute for Marine Micro-

R/V Nanuq Delivered


The College of Fisheries and Marine biology (MPI) on board the research


Science at the University of Alaska vessel Sonne were examining the pos-

Fairbanks added a new Armstrong sible environmental impact of deep

Marine-built research vessel to its sea mining of polymetallic nodules

Hydromea’s LUMA ? eet dubbed Nanuq. Armstrong in the Clarion Clipperton Fracture

Marine designed the 40-foot alumi- Zone (CCZ) in the Eastern Paci? c num hulled boat and Paci? c Power (PDF of cruise report). By ? tting their

Group ? t the vessel with a pair of in situ modules as well as the ROV

Volvo Penta D6 engines that deliver KIEL6000 (GEOMAR) with Hydro- 330hp each. The engines are paired mea’s LUMA wireless nodes they with Aquamatic outdrives and Volvo were able to directly communicate hydraulic power steering. “Research with instruments at over 4000m depth

Hydromea Oceaneering vessels have very speci? c perfor- to ensure that their delicate sensors mance requirements and Volvo Penta on board are working properly and to propulsion systems have proven sound velocity, conductivity, tempera- recon? gure the measuring program if extremely capable of meeting those ture, depth and altimeter data, which necessary. needs,” said Doug Schwedland, is used to enhance the operational

VideoRay Wins US Navy Deal

PPG’s vice president of the marine capability of the Freedom resident division. Along with the Volvo Penta vehicle. The subsea vehicle is also VideoRay announced its second engines, Nanuq is out? tted with side equipped with Valeport’s compact multimillion-dollar award with the power electric bow thruster with and robust environmental monitoring U.S. Navy to develop, de? ne, and joystick control to ensure precision sensor, the Hyperion Fluorometer, for deploy new technology for Explosive maneuverability during research op- the high performance measurement Ordnance Disposal (EOD) operations. erations. The monohulled boat is ca- of Chlorophyll A. Oceaneering’s This contract follows the completion pable of cruising at 32 knots and has Freedom ROV is designed to offer a of an earlier prototype facilitated by a 400-gallon fuel capacity that allows new level of ? exibility and ef? ciency the Defense Innovation Unit in 2018. the boat long-range travel capabilities while performing common ROV tasks The platform for both contracts is the in the remote waters of Alaska. including survey, inspection, valve VideoRay Mission Specialist Series and torque tool operation, manipula- (MSS) Defender ROV, which has tor-related activities and underwater been delivered for military and com-

Valeport on Oceaneering inspection in lieu of dry docking mercial uses to customers worldwide.

Freedom ROV/AUV

Valeport sensor technology has been operations. Defender is a powerful, portable unit selected by Oceaneering Interna- with open architecture, featuring

Hydromea’s LUMA tional for integration into its subsea Greensea Integrated Control and Nav-

Wireless Nodes

Freedom vehicles. Oceaneering’s igation. Greensea’s EOD Workspace next generation hybrid ROV, Free- During a recent science cruise, software for sophisticated supervised dom, will be ? tted with Valeport Germany’s oceanographic research autonomy and precise maneuvering.

Bathypack, Altimeter and Hyperion institutes used Hydromea’s LUMA Greensea supports the US Navy with

Fluorometer sensors. The Valeport 250LP wireless node in depths down a Cooperative Research and Develop- sensors in the Midas Bathypack were to over 4000m. The scientists of the ment contract for software develop- ethernet enabled to offer precision Alfred Wegener Institute (AWI)/Max ment on this project.

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