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Autonomous Vehicle Operations

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commands. This concept challenges both technology and business conven- tions. Aquanaut’s transforming capabil- ities are impressive mechanical devel-

ENGINEERED TO WITHSTAND opments. But the sensing and software engineering developments are equally YOUR ENVIRONMENT important. Training a robotic system to perceive, understand, and engage a

DARK SABER complex undersea environment is a sig-

LED Light + Laser + Strobe ni? cant challenge. Presuming the engi- neers succeed, the business challenges 11,000 Lumens arise. Aquanaut is envisioned as an

Adjustable LED 5-100mW

IMR on-call service, providing the nec-

Adjustable Laser essary activity when and where needed, without the expensive vessels, much as

P/N#: SS182 mkII a ride-share service provides transport ?DsÐ?Ž?ÐŽYl?ŽuuGE?slSNsÐUG?uG??ÐŽY?lAYlÐ???GYl on demand. This is a notable change of ?EŽAÐŽ??OÐYŽs?G?YŽGiGÐl?ŽYYGA?d??ŽYA??

approach and may radically change the ?GÐlS?AOYOŽI????w economics of IMR. ?D?uOÐuGusOSl??ÐAwG?AÐAYdGÐŽYl?ŽuuGEd?A?sYOuG?G?sAuÐŽ?l

Achieving this vision will demand ?sOslAuŽ?AYAuŽOsYÐ?l?Ž?^^l?ŽdGsYÐ?l?

that engineers not simply develop the technology. They will have to prove

CAMERAS—LIGHTS—PAN & TILTS—CONTROLLERS—ENGINEERING its reliability to subjective human op- erators. Lawyers and accountants will not understand the code and will only +1 (619) 275-5533 be convinced by successive demonstra- tions and incremental progress toward a fully autonomous IMR operating envi- ronment. To combine the words of off- shore operators and managers, it will be a “long slog” before the “shiny robots” can do it all.

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