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Autonomous Vehicle Operations

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Image: BP

The Miller pipeline survey route.

Instead, BP decided to use a USV to sure as well as substantially reducing Line (USBL) system was driven up to retrieve this data – a ? rst for the North manned vessel costs. Peterhead, in Scotland, and launched

Sea. It would signi? cantly reduce car- In May, XOCEAN’s XO-450 USV, from the quayside. The XO-450 is a 4.5 bon emissions and associated health, ? tted with a Sonardyne HPT 3000 m-long, International Marine Organiza- safety and environment (HSE) expo- Mini-Ranger 2 6G Ultra-Short Base- tion compliant USV with a hybrid pow-

The transit out to Machar covered 128 nautical miles.

Photo: BP

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