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Autonomous Vehicle Operations

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Event Robotics

Robotics: “A Rising


WHOI’s Center for

Marine Robotics (CMR)

Hosts 5th Annual

Entrepreneur’s Forum

In mid-July 2019 the Woods Hole Oceano- graphic Institution’s Center for Marine Robot- th ics played host to the 5 Annual Entrepreneur’s

Forum, a gathering of some of the brightest minds and innovators across industries who spent two days in discussions focused on de- ? ning the challenges facing the indsutry and framing initiatives for a collective understand- ing and action.

A common theme for the day was the need to increase the volume and scale of ocean-specif- ic technology solutions, as Dr. Mark Abbott,

President and Director of WHOI explained to


“The challenge (we have) is how to bring these exquisite solutions to scale, to get the numbers in the thousands, or the hundreds of thousands,” said Abbott. “We need to move from these hand-made solutions to build out the size and scale” to increase the numbers and “to build networks of smart devices.”

Photos: Greg Trauthwein & Rob Howard

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