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Autonomous Vehicle Operations

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Blueprint Lab

Blueprint Lab is focused on making the smallest, all-electric subsea-rated actua- tors available in the world. The launch of its Reach 5 Mini robotic arm represents a game changer for scientists, militaries and the oil and gas industry. The last 12 months have seen signi? cant change and growth for Blueprint Lab. First, it commer- cially launched its ? agship product, the Reach 5 Mini, a ? ve-function robotic arm in September 2018. This unit has since achieved close to 20 sales in ? ve countries.

In addition, it achieved recognition by the Australian government as a promising new technology company through the award of a $240,000 grant to accelerate com- mercialization of its product line. The company’s Reach 5 Mini builds on patented modular design to create a highly durable, tough, and incredibly small ? ve-function manipulator, capable of performing dexterous subsea tasks including: precise place- ment of probes for crack and corrosion monitoring; placement and recovery of ob- jects with minimized workload; sonar and camera scanning; and, underwater IED countermeasures.


InterMoor’s IM Release is a game-changing acoustic release con- nector that is available to drilling contractors and operators who are looking to save time and money not only in the case of weather or emergency avoidance but also in the context of drilling optimization, allowing for faster rig moves with simpli? ed connect/disconnect operations from pre-laid mooring lines. It was designed using the proven platform of sister company SRP’s Rocksteady mooring con- nector, with a control system developed in conjunction with Teledyne

Marine. The advanced control system uses high-? delity acoustic modems, and implements domain key authorization, unique address- ing, network relay and frequency hopping techniques, ensuring the mooring connectors are not affected by obstructions or noise. These features eliminate the possibility of an inadvertent release and allows for the connector to be actuated individually, in clusters, or even se- quenced in any order. These new features have been implemented while improving battery life. More importantly, the new connector weighs a quarter of the weight of other connectors yet can disengage at 100% of its rated break strength, a massive 900t.

PELI Products

Since 1976, Peli has designed and manufactured both high-performance case solutions and advanced portable lighting systems. In January 2019, Peli products introduce the 9600 LED Modular Light with powerful wide beam coverage. With 3,000 lumen value per light head, the 9600 offers continuous lighting that complies with the HSE requirement for illu- mination. The easy way to light up long stretches of rail track, tunnels, and even a makeshift runway, without the hassles of conventional heavyweight light towers. Moreover, with fewer lights chained up the same working area as other linear lights can be covered, having a cost-effective result. June 2019, Peli Products Unveiled the PELI Air 1745 Long Case.

Now pro-users can protect their long equipment in a case line that is up to 40% lighter than other polymer cases, minimiz- ing additional travel costs. The 1745 PELI Air Case boasts more than 3.8 sq. m., making it the deepest PELI long case. It was especially designed to protect all manner of long equipment, like surveying equipment, camera tripods, weapons and archery bows, in the harshest environments.

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