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Autonomous Vehicle Operations

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different scienti? c organizations in the overall complexity of managing them

Marine Metadata Interoperability Proj- homogeneously. In this respect, seman- ect to register ontologies of their myriad tic data models are considerably helped repositories in this standardized manner, uniform vocabularies to describe data. data integration and accessibility are ex- Dr. Burgess alluded to the merit of “the pedited. ESIP Community Ontology Repository, a community platform to manage and

Uni? ed Diversity exchange terms and vocabularies that

Perhaps the capital advantage of actu- assist scientists to publish, discover, and ating FAIR principles with knowledge reuse data.” graphs within the earth science com-

About the Author munity is the ability to standardize on Long Term Propagation the assortment of divers data relevant to As the abundant use cases within the Jans Aasman is a Ph.D. psycholo- scientists. geological science community reveal, gist, expert in Cognitive Science and

The sheer number of different spe- data’s true esteem is based on its endur- CEO of Franz Inc., an innovator in cializations in this ? eld requires data ing reusability and immediate acces- Arti? cial Intelligence and provider of seemingly in? nite varieties. Sources sibility. These priorities spawned the of AllegroGraph, a leading Semantic include sensor data from water, aerial, FAIR movement, which depends on Graph Database. As both a scien- and terrestrial sources, in addition to semantic technologies for implementa- tist and CEO, Dr. Aasman continues satellite data and those from physical tion. This approach delivers the same to break ground in the areas of AI- samples. Furthermore, these data are bene? t when applied to contemporary and Knowledge Graphs as he works characterized by many different spatial organizations: an increase in data’s val- hand-in-hand with numerous Fortune and temporal resolutions, adding to the ue as an enterprise asset. 500 organizations and governments.

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