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The Environment: Stewardship & Compliance

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BALLAST WATER TECHNOLOGY Approvals Alfa Laval has achieved IMO Basic and Final approvals as well as Type Approval from DNV. Reference list Alfa Laval has sold 330 units with about 100 systems com- missioned and/or installed. ExperienceFollowing extensive research, Hyde produced its Þ rst sys- tem in 1999 and subsequently installed its Þ rst system on the M/S Coral Princess in 2003. Notably, the Hyde system was the Þ rst accepted into USCG STEP program in October of 2008. Approvals The Hyde GUARDIAN Ballast Water Treatment Systems have IMO Type Approval for capacity from 60 to 6000 m3/ hr. A Type Approval CertiÞ cate has been issued by LloydÕs Register on behalf of the UK Maritime and Coastguard Agen- cy to conÞ rm compliance with Guidelines contained in IMO resolution MEPC.174(58). Other certiÞ cations include ABS, Dutch Flag State, Russian Maritime Registry of Shipping, DNV (Hazardous Area CertiÞ cation) and DNV EC-Type Ex- amination CertiÞ cation. How it works HydeÕs GUARDIAN features a two-stage process; stacked disk Þ ltration to remove sediment and larger organisms, and a UV disinfection unit to kill or inactivate smaller plankton, bacteria and other pathogens. During ballasting, water is pro- cessed through both Þ lter and UV stages. All captured sol- ids and organisms are discharged during backß ushing to the location they entered. During de-ballasting, the Þ lter is by- passed and water ß ows only through the UV system before discharging overboard. Hyde GUARDIAN system and ballast operation data are automatically logged and Hyde provides The Company Hyde Marine The Tech Filtration / UV (70%)The Skinny Hyde GUARDIAN has now been installed or speciÞ ed on over 160 ships (200+ systems). Commonly in use in the cruise, parcel tanker and container markets, about one-third of those units are in service or HG150 pictured on board New Construction Offshore Service Vessel Hyde Marine50 | Maritime Professional | 4Q 2012MP #4 50-63.indd 50MP #4 50-63.indd 5011/12/2012 10:09:37 AM11/12/2012 10:09:37 AM

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