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The Environment: Stewardship & Compliance

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BALLAST WATER TECHNOLOGY itation process). Advantages VOS achieves 100% efÞ cacy with no Þ lters, no chemicals and no UV radiation. Also, according to NEI, VOS is the only BWTS capable of providing a positive ROI, realized from the combination of corrosion protection, removal of sacriÞ -cial anodes and the elimination of standard IGGÕs (tankers only). Through the 95% reduction in DO, and maintaining a permanently inerted environment, oxidation of structure and coatings is virtually eliminated. VOS treatment can facilitate the complete removal of cathodic protection. This is accom- plished with no Þ lters and no active substances. Because the VOS process does not reduce ballast pump capacity (as Þ l-ters do), it does not have any upper limits on ballast capacity, therefore supporting any ballast pump capacity. VOS is cur- rently Type Approved with a Treatment Rated Capacity (TRC) of 6,800 m3/hr. No active substances are introduced to oxidize structure and coatings, there are no chemicals to haul or release into the environment. The VI is an Intrinsically Safe device, and has ß exible installations options. Type Approvals N.E.I. and the VOS process is Type Approved by the Repub- lic of Liberia, the Marshall Islands, Malta, the Netherlands, and the Republic of Panama (representing 45% of world ton- nage). N.E.I. is a member of the U.S. Coast GuardÕs STEP program, and has been reviewed by the U.S. Environment Protection Agency. It has been successfully tested by the Coast Guard approved Maritime Environmental Resource Center (MERC). Because of this, NEI says they will skip the Coast GuardÕs AMS certiÞ cation process and move directly to the full type approvals. Caveats This technology does not yet scale down for smaller vessels. Very short sea passages (settling time is often needed for this process) may present small delays in ballast discharge. The Company N.E.I. The Tech Cavitation / DeoxygenizationThe Skinny VOS equipment has been installed on Bulkers, Tankers, and Containerships. A total of 58 sys-tems have been sold to date; speciÞ cally, 21 Installed (3 vessels not yet commissioned), 18 commissioned vessels, And another 37 booked, but not installed 52 | Maritime Professional | 4Q 2012MP #4 50-63.indd 52MP #4 50-63.indd 5211/12/2012 10:09:48 AM11/12/2012 10:09:48 AM

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