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The Environment: Stewardship & Compliance

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For example, Harvey Gulf Marine has (separately) indicated that they intend to not only monitor the performance of their new dual fuel engines on their latest series of newbuilds, but they will also transit that data via SATCOM to shoreside man- agers for analysis. In part by using performance data gleaned from monitoring systems, they hope to drastically reduce maintenance costs and unneeded ?open and inspect? procedures. In a nutshell, the monitoring system analyzes trends and can predict fail- ures; not by replacing control systems, but augmenting these features to make them more ef cient. The monitoring system has a low space footprint and is lap- top loaded, provides a ship-based focus of energy performance and environmental compliance, including out-of-parameter alerts and drill-down capabilities by system and report. If de- sired, it can be connected by satellite to shore, supporting both same-vessel and combined-vessel views ? providing visibility into energy performance, usage comparisons, alerts and non- compliance trends between ships across the  eet. ESRG?s Bradenham adds, ?Sometimes remote monitoring is just not enough. Some operators will say, it?s great data, but what to do I do with it.? In these cases, ESRG also offers expertise and analysis from experienced operators. All of this analytical power can be made available to both the crew and to shore-based engineers in ship-based or en- terprise editions. And, now, in connection with and integrat- ing data into the ABS NS5 platform, the system becomes that much more powerful. With easy-to-read dashboards, alarms for out-of-parameter per- formance and powerful ?drill-down? analytics, OstiaEdge Smart- Ship gives crews and shore-side superintendents a comprehen- sive environmental and energy software platform that includes: Mutual BeneÞ t: ESRG, ABS and É the Customer The opportunity to partner with ABS on the integration of the OstiaEdge product into the NS5 Enterprise  eet manage-ment system creates unlimited upside for ESRG. Primarily ca-tering to U.S. Navy and government accounts at present, this  rm now enjoys the global outreach that can be provided only by a classi cation society such as ABS. ABS, in turn, bene ts from the use of more and valuable, real time monitoring data which can be incorporated directly into their NS5 operating platform. Together, the value of both systems is greatly en- hanced.Continually evolving to meet industry needs, NS5 Enter- prise has a versatile design that allows all users ? from se- nior management to crew members ? 24/7 access to relevant data from their overall business landscape. The partnership with ESRG is part of that evolution. With the integration of ESRG?s monitoring software, even more real time data will be available for retrieval and integration into the operator?s business plan, maintenance schedules and a myriad of other functions. Fernando Lehrer, Vice President of Product Devel- opment at ABS Nautical Systems calls the partnership a ?traf-  c IT system that looks at real time data.? Simply put, the new system bridges  eet management with the maintenance and operational management aspects of vessels and offshore units. NS5 culls the operational data related to consumption and integrates it into the NS5 system. The program eliminates manual data compilation. Lehrer adds, ?This lets the engine-room crew get back to performing physical operations on the vessel.? The software will help with environmental compli- ance issues, because monitoring of energy consumption will be electronic, not manual. Reports for the classi cation societ- ies,  ag and the Coast Guard are populated automatically. Fer- Screenshot from a tablet Analytics:BeneÞ t:Energy ManagementCalculates performance parameters helps masters to create optimum speed and engine use proÞ les. Ballast Managementprovides ship and shore with real- time history of ballasting activity. Fuel Switchingcross-matches data, validate speed/ position where switching took place. Oily Water Separator/ Bilge Monitoringcollects data on OWS run-times, ß ow-through volumes and results, with out-put on time and vessel location. Emissions Managementcalculate emissions output to verify in real-time, NOx, SOx, hydrocar-bons, O2, CO, CO2, and particu- late matter emissions output.Daily Compliance Reports provides automatic report genera- tion | Maritime Professional | 59MP #4 50-63.indd 59MP #4 50-63.indd 5911/12/2012 10:11:25 AM11/12/2012 10:11:25 AM

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