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US and International Navy Ports

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Virginia Port Authority (VPA) insights into what is driving business in the commonwealth of cies and are taking the necessary steps to comply with, or get

Virginia today, and where the port resides in that greater strategy. ahead of, any local or state mandates. Our Environmental Man- agement System (EMS) is an industry-leading commitment to

As the environment becomes ever more important, ports like improving ef?ciencies and preserving our environment in accor-

LA/LB on the West Coast have been given marching orders dance with International Organization for Standardization (ISO) for a ‘zero emissions’ future, starting in 2030. What is your guidelines. In fact, in 2018 we completed the migration of our port complex doing about its environmental footprint today? facilities to the newest standard. After being recognized as the

We use the Chesapeake Bay and local waterways every day ?rst East Coast port to meet and exceed requirements for the ISO and we see it as our duty to be good stewards of these public 14001 standard 11 years ago, our port now meets the most cur- assets. Additionally, we work to be good, clean and responsive rent ISO 14001:2015 standard. And unlike most U.S. ports, our neighbors in the cities where our terminals reside. In that effort ISO program covers everything within the fence lines at every we employ very proactive sustainability and environmental poli- one of our terminals. 11I

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