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Maritime Training

Insights Database:

Results from the second annual Maritime Training Insights Database (MarTID) 2019 have been released, and training budgets – both money spent by companies and mariners themselves – continues to rise.

What is MarTID?

ecute, compile and analyze, the ultimate mission of MarTID is

MarTID is a non-commercial initiative collaboratively founded quite simple: creating a knowledge database that is freely avail- by the World Maritime University, Marine Learning Systems and able and open to all, helping companies, educators and seafarers to

New Wave Media, publishers of Maritime Reporter & Engineer- discover (and hopefully utilize) best maritime training practices.

ing News and Maritime Logistics Professional magazine. The Education, training and human resource development is critical mission of MarTID is to provide the maritime industry with ob- for the sustainability of any industry endeavor. This is especially jective and comprehensive data on how it manages and conducts the case in the maritime industry where there is broad agreement training for shipboard competencies and the effects of drivers, that a signi?cant percentage of maritime accidents involve human such as technology, on this training. factor causes. Well trained and competent crews are critical to ship

This data, updated annually by means of a global survey, is safety and security, as well as to the environmental and commer- designed to provide insights that can lead to enhanced policy- cial sustainability of shipping and by extension of world trade.

setting, decision-making, benchmarking and operational optimi- zation by industry and regulatory authorities at all levels.

MarTID 2019 Highlights

The secure and anonymized MarTID data provides insights into "UDGETS

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