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2019 Training

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SEAFARERS SPEND MORE ished products, from nearly 30 million cruise ship passengers to livestock. While ships, technology and increasingly the logistics More than 68% of seafarers have increased their personal sea- chain as a whole garner the headlines, the seafarer is the lifeblood farer training expenditure over the last ?ve years, and more than of world commerce, and in total, globally, there are 1,647,500 55% expect their personal training expenditures to grow in the seafarers (774,000 of?cers and 873,500 ratings) serving on in- upcoming year.

ternationally trading merchant ships, according to statistics from


The International Chamber of Shipping.

But the role of the modern seafarer is changing. While there are myriad training drivers, the top three drivers for

Driven by automation on the ship and throughout the transport MarTID 2019’s target groups include: logistics chain, seafarers today are increasingly asked to operate » Vessel Operators: 2EDUCING

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