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organization-wide, and the average age of a seafarer in the re- both onboard and ashore, to ensure safe, ef?cient operations.

spondent’s crew was 37 years old. In last year’s survey, the re- Most vessel operators spent under 10% of their operating budget spondents indicated that in their organizations 12.8% of the crew on training, with nearly 33% allocating around 2% - 5% of their was female. As the MarTID survey grows in size and establishes budget to training. This number is similar to last year’s which was many years of data, this will be an important metric to track. 26%. As expected, the average percentage for responding educa-

Roughly two-thirds of the respondents do not foresee any future tion and training institutions was much higher.

operational issues or training needs due to their crew’s current av- Survey results indicate that training budgets continue to trend erage age. However, the third that did see potential concerns cited upwards, compared to the year before. More than 52% of opera- the following issues: tors reported an increase in training budget, while more than 62%

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