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Friede & Goldman Inc.

Design Zapata Rigs

Building At Avondale

The three new SS-2000 Class semisubmersible offshore drilling rigs being built for Zapata Off- shore Company by Avondale Ship- yards, Inc., were designed by Friede & Goldman, Inc., naval architects and marine engineers, New Or- leans, La.

Design of the New Zapata rigs is an outgrowth of an in-house re- search and development program in which Friede & Goldman, Inc. spent several years designing and model testing a highly advanced new type of semisubmersible drill- ing unit. Successful results of the research and development program, backed by the experience of design- ing more than 100 offshore drilling units, led to Friede & Goldman's design of the new Pacesetter series (Pacesetters I, II and III) of self-

Commercial and

Navy-typG hatches with coaming heights and

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Roller chocks, including fairleads!

Standard opening panama chocks. company 20905 Aurora Road/Cleveland, Ohio 44146 Telephone: (216) 662-4242 propelled semisuhmersi'bles for the

Western Company of North Ameri- ca, and to the SS-2000 series for

Zapata Off-Shore Company.

Friede & Goldman, Inc., under the direction of its president and principal designer, Jerome L. Gold- man, has pioneered a great variety of design developments in offshore technology, including one of the first true offshore mobile drilling units; the first jackup drilling unit ever to be raised by hydraulic jacks; the first mobile drilling unit to work in the North Sea; concepts for the first catamaran drilling ships; a long series of giant sub- mersible drilling units built be- tween 1955 and 1960; a score or more of semisubmersibles includ- ing the Sedeo 135 type, and the first application of cycloidal pro- pulsion for dynamic positioning of a drilling ship.

The new Zapata SS-2000 rigs, scheduled for delivery beginning in the spring of 1975, are distinctive by their twin lower hulls of cata- maran or ship-like configuration which provide superior perform- ance characteristics, particularly in the dampening effect when subject- ed to surge motions. The 260-foot- long 200-foot-beam drilling plat- form is supported by six cylindrical stability caissons. Normal drilling draft is 45 feet, with a displacement of 16,750 long tons. Each unit will have a variable deck load capacity of 2,000 tons and quarters accom- modations for 90 persons.

The units will contain high- capacity drilling equipment capable of drilling to depths of more than 25,000 feet. They will have a design capability for drilling in 2,000 feet of water. Design of the rigs meets all U.S. Coast Guard and American

Bureau of Shipping standards.

Acadian Marine

Expands International

And Domestic Division

The increased demand for vessels in the Gulf of Mexico and in the

North Sea has prompted Acadian

Marine Service, New Orleans, La., to expand its International and Do- mestic Divisions.

Billy Duck and Milton Aucoin have been named operations man- ager and port captain, respectively, of Acadian's Domestic Division.

Mr. Duck was formerly with Tide- water Marine Service.

Mark Vorenkamp has been named operations manager-North Sea, and

Jason Rogers has been named hull and machinery superintendent for

Acadian Marine's International Di- vision.

Acadian Marine Service, Inc., is a worldwide marine transportation company, primarily servicing inter- national oil and construction com- panies. shut case lor quality!

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Vessel Closures

Sea Trials And Launching Ceremonies Held

For AMOCO Tankers At Astilleros Espanoles

The Amoco Singapore has a cargo tank

The 230,000-dwt tanker Amoco

Singapore recently completed suc- cessful sea trials. Built at the Cadiz shipyard of Astilleros Espanoles,

S.A., the vessel is the second in a series for Amoco Transport Com- pany from the Gadiz yard.

The first of the series, the Amoco

Milford Haven, was delivered in

June 1973.

The third unit, the Amoco Cadiz, was launched during recent cere- monies with Mrs. L.C. Adams, wife of the executive vice president of

Amoco International Oil Company of Chicago, serving as sponsor.

Principal characteristics of the tankers are approximately as fol- lows: length overall, 1,096 feet; molded breadth, 167 feet, and mold- ed draft, 65 feet.

The propulsion machinery on each tanker comprises an AESA-

Burmeister & Wain supercharged eight-cylinder 8K98FF-type main engine, arranged to burn fuel-oil in service and dieseLoil on trials, totaling a maximum continuous output of 30,400 bhp at 103 rpm, capacity of about 10,011,831 cubic feet, built at the Manises Works of As- tilleros Espanoles, S.A.

Other equipment, such as wind- lasses, winches, steering gear, main boilers, heavy forgings and cast- ings, etc., have also 'been manufac- tured at different works of Astil- leros Espanoles, S.A.

Pictured above during launching ceremonies of the Amoco Cadiz: Mrs. L.C. Adams, the vessel's sponsor, and Luis Nadil Cuenca, director of the shipyard at Cadiz.

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