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Naval Civilian Administrators

Establish New Chapter

The Naval Civilian Adminis- trators Association (NCAA) has announced the establishment of a new chapter at the Polaris Mis- sile Facility, Atlantic, and the Na- val Weapons Station in Charles- ton, S.C. The officers shown above (L to R) after receiving their charter are: secretary treasurer

Lynn Lamb, who is head of the

Management Analyses Division,

Naval Weapons Station; presi- dent Harold Harken, head of the

Data Processing Department of the Polaris Missile Facility; trust- ees Curtis Yant, civilian person- nel officer for the Polaris Missile

Facility and the Naval Weapons

Station, and Jim Criddle, head of the Quality Assurance Depart- ment of the Polaris Missile Facil-







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I P D Sot 98. N 1360 NESBRU. NORWAY

I Phone 47 2 78 80 60 teW. 11721 umeb n of engineers, scientists, adminis- trators, and other employees in- volved in the activities in which they are located. The purpose of the organization is to contribute to the management of the De- partment of the Navy.

IOT Announces Two

Management Appointments

Adrian S. Hooper, chairman and chief executive officer of In- terstate and Ocean Transport

Company, Philadelphia, a wholly owned subsidiary of Southern

Natural Resources, Inc., has an- nounced that John T. Atkinson has been named vice president- financial administration and treasurer, and Heyward H. Cole- man has been named director of planning.

Mr. Atkinson, prior to joining

Interstate, was serving as man- ager of corporate planning of

SONAT Exploration Company in

Houston, another major subsid- iary of Southern Natural Re- sources. Mr. Coleman was previ- ously with Southern Natural Gas

Company, also a major subsidi- ary of SNR, where he held a va- riety of positions, including proj- ects coordinator and executive assistant to the president.

Interstate and Ocean Transport

Company operates a fleet of 51 barges and 37 tugs between re- fineries and ports along the At- lantic and Gulf Coasts, and is one of the nation's largest marine transporters of petroleum prod- ucts.

GE Awarded $5-Million

Navy Contract For

Gas Turbine Systems

General Electric, Marine & In- dustrial Engine Products Divi- sion, Cincinnati, Ohio, is being awarded a $5,095,250 firm fixed- price contract for LM2500 Marine

Gas Turbine Engine Systems and

Free Standing Electronic Enclos- ure. The Naval Sea Systems Com- mand is the contracting activity. (N00024-81-C-5306) ity; honorary past president

John Torlay, chief engineer of the Polaris Missile Facility; and vice president Ray Booker, comp- troller for the Naval Weapons


The NCAA is a national orga- nization of senior level managers employed in Navy civil service.

The total membership is approxi- mately 600, organized into 13 chapters located in seven naval shipyards, three naval aviation activities, the Naval Ships En- gineering Center, the Naval Fa- cilities Engineering Command, and the Polaris Missile Facility/

Naval Weapons Station, Charles- ton. Because of the positions held by the members, they exercise re- sponsibility over many thousands

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