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Brochure Offered On New

Electrolytic Anti-Fouling

System For Problem Areas

Major problems of accelerated fouling in cooling and sea water service systems on cruise ships traveling from cold to temperate waters, have been solved by the

Norwegian Royal Viking Line, with the installation of a new type of electrolytic anti-fouling and corrosion system. A brochure is available describing the proc- ess and recent applications.

The system, manufactured by

Cathodic & Electrolytic Engi- neers Limited of Chesterfield,

U.K., and marketed in the U.S. by A.M.T. Inc. of Miami, Fla., was first installed on the "Royal

Viking Sea," a 21,000-grt vessel operating between San Francisco and Alaska. Normal fouling prob- lems created by the growth of bio-fouling in pipework, con- densers, and sea water service equipment, were rapidly accele- rated by the excessive changes in temperature from cold Alas- kan to the temperate waters of the U.S. Pacific Coast.

Trials carried out on the Royal

Viking Sea since the electrolytic system was first installed at the


SATCOM Terminal " from Raytheon. captains of industry with captains at sea.

High-speed, down- to-earth satellite communications.

The Model JUE-15A

MK II provides fast, dependable and private communications with your ships, through the

Inmarsat Satellite System.

Communicate by voice, teletype, printer, facsimile or high-speed data. To and from ships anywhere on the high seas. The JUE-15A MK II is the world's first Standard-A, Class-1 SES Type

SATCOM ship terminal approved by


Optimum communications flexibility.

Model JUE-15A MK II is supplied in two versions: Telephone hand-set with teleprinter. Or telephone handset, video display panel with keyboard and printer.

A MK III model is also available. It provides basic services at low cost, with telephone hand- set only.

Tried, tested, true.

The JUE-15A

MK II Satellite


Terminal, manufactured by

JRC and brought to you by Raytheon, has been thoroughly tested for accurate operation and reliability. Units are now in use on ships of all kinds.

Unmatched product support.

Raytheon and JRC service centers, spare parts distribution and training facilities located in the USA, Europe and

Japan provide support for over 200 worldwide service agents located in major ports everywhere. We constantly monitor field service data to improve product reliability and to ensure that the correct parts and quality service are immediately available when and where needed.

Technical and Operational training programs will be provided upon request.

When fast communications can mean the difference between profit gain or loss, you can depend on Raytheon and the

JUE-15A MK II to get your message across.

Raytheon Marine Company 676 Island Pond Road, Manchester, NH 03103 USA, Tel: 603-668-1600

Telex: 94-3459

New York, NY, USA, Tel. 212-720-6800

Tampa, FL, USA. Tel. 813-877-9418

New Orleans, LA, USA, Tel. 504-835-6491

Houston, TX, USA. Tel. 713-941-2700

Los Angeles, CA, USA, Tel. 213-533-5959

Seattle, WA, USA, Tel. 206-285-6843

Copenhagen, Denmark, Tel. 45-1-570611 end of 1981 have proved a com- plete success according to the manufacturer, with all traces of fouling eliminated. The process, known as C-2000, has been fitted on a second ship, the Royal Vik- ing Sky, during the vessel's re- cent extension and re-fit in a

West German shipyard.

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Brakey Named Director

Of Corporate Facilities

Engineering At Duramax

Michael W. Brakey

Michael W. Brakey has been appointed to the new post of cor- porate facilities engineering di- rector of Duramax, Inc., parent company of The Johnson Rubber

Company, its divisions and affili- ated companies. His new duties will include general facility en- gineering, energy management, plus both marine and industrial product development.

Mr. Brakey joined The John- son Rubber Co. in 1977 as chief engineer of the company's Dura- max Marine Division. He has co- authored papers in the field of biomedical engineering, as well as papers on marine rubber fen- dering for ships and docks.

CRC Celebrates Its 50th Anniversary —Brochures Available

The year 1983 marks the 50th anniversary for the Pipeline Op- erations Group of Crutcher Re- sources Corporation (CRC).

Formed in 1933, CRC began as a small company dedicated to serve the rapidly expanding pipeline construction industry.

CRC continues its dedication to meeting the challenges of the ever-changing pipeline industry through its operating divisions:

CRC Pipeline Equipment, CRC

Automatic Welding, CRC Supply

Inc., CRC Welding Systems Inc., and CRC Bethany International


Literature is available describ- ing CRC's services and capabil- ities, including their state-of-the- art construction equipment, au- tomated welding systems, and pipeline automation specialists.

For full details and free liter- ature on CRC's product lines and services,

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