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Robertson Autopilot

Wins NMEA Honors

Robertson Shipmate personnel shown above with recent

NMEA award are, left to right: Bill Altman, product support manager; Dayna Risebrow, marketing assistant; Tom

Mackie, sales engineer; Riva Schwartz, vice president/ general manager; Bob Herold, product support engineer: and Dean Silver, sales manager.

For the third year in a row, Robertson's microprocessor-controlled autopilots have been awarded top honors by the National Marine

Electronics Association at their recent banquet in Seattle, Washington. This, for any manufac- turer, is a significant achievement as it repre- sents peer recognition by a broad spectrum of the marine electronics industry. These NMEA awards are voted by the entire association mem- bership, consisting of electronics dealers, techni- cians and other manufacturers.

Robertson autopilots have gained a reputa- tion over the last few years as the "top of the line" units for both recreational and commercial vessels of just about any size. Feature for fea- ture, Robertson pilots are among the most cost effective products on the market today, with an exceptionally broad range of standard features.

For yachts, the AP1000 and AP200DL pilots have become extremely popular, while the

AP9MkII and AP40B pilots have been widely accepted on commercial vessels and very large yachts. All Robertson pilots are available from authorized dealer outlets all over the country.

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Rockwell's Collins

International Service Co.

Wins $7-Million Navy Contract

A $7-million contract to operate and maintain four U.S. Naval Radio Communications facili- ties has been awarded to Rockwell International

Corporation's Collins International Service

Company (CISCO) by the Naval Regional Con- tracting Office in Washington, D.C.

Under the three-year contract, CISCO will provide Operations and Maintenance (O&M) support to Naval Radio Communications facili- ties at Norfolk and Driver, Va., Key West, Fla., and Summit, Panama.

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Miguel Rossy Named Senior

VP And General Manager At

Crowley Caribbean Transport

Miguel A. Rossy has been named senior vice president and general manager of Crowley

Caribbean Transport (CCT). He succeeds Hec- tor M. Calderon who will be leaving CCT to pursue personal interests, following a three- month transition period.

The change in CCT's top position was an- nounced by William B. Bru, Atlantic Division president, Crowley Maritime Corporation, of which CCT is a part.

Mr. Rossy has been associated with Crowley

Maritime since 1979 and has held senior man- agement positions in several Crowley companies heavily involved in transportation services throughout the Caribbean and Latin America.

Most recently, Mr. Rossy was vice president and general manager of Crowley's AmTrans

South America service. In other executive posi- tions, Mr. Rossy was responsible for the devel- opment of several new Crowley services.

Davis Engineering Awarded $10.5-Million Contract

For Wave Generator System

Davis Engineering Limited of Ottawa, Cana- da, was recently awarded a $10.5-million con- tract by the Department of Supply and Services to construct a wave generator system for the sea- keeping and maneuvering basin at the National

Research Council of Canada (NRC) Institute for

Marine Dynamics (IMD) at St. John's, New- foundland. Approximately 55 percent of this 11- million-dollar contract will be subcontracted within Newfoundland. Sixty-six person-years of employment will be created in St. John's and

Ottawa. Final completion date is 1990.

The system uses 180 segments, or paddle-like sections, that operate independently under com- puter control to create various wave patterns which will simulate conditions at sea.

The indoor maneuvering basin in Newfound- land will be one of the largest of this type in

North America. The wave generator will be one of the largest machines in the world capable of creating multidirectional or short-crested waves.

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Corrosion of wire begins at the core of the wire where moisture can be trapped. Brushing or spray- ing lubricant on the wire can be time consuming, expensive and—most of all — futile and counterproductive. The lubri- cant being applied does not penetrate to the core and in fact may seal the moisture within the wire strands and accelerate the corrosion process.

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