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Digitalization: A key for port operators to survive and thrive

Gary Anderson, Rajant Senior VP of Business Development s the demand for goods con- technologies to help them overcome the Challenges aplenty if digitalization have to contend with, as complex envi- tinues to rise, the need to day-to-day complexities they face and is not adopted ronments often have lots of moving parts move a higher number of not miss a beat in a fast-paced industry. Seaport operators often have to operate such as cranes, vehicles, staff, contain-

Acontainers quicker and more But to exploit the capabilities of IIoT, in harsh weather conditions, which can ers, and vessel ships, which are always ef? ciently is also increasing with this. As seaports must have the right network in- often cause communication problems on the move. This shifting environment a result, port operators are proactively frastructure in place. for teams on the ground. For instance, if can pose signi? cant interference, which seeking new ways to boost productivity, For ports to remain competitive in a there is a dip in signal or a loss of cov- in turn, can impair the critical commu- all while reducing costs to meet this de- continually changing market and revive erage, this can signi? cantly impact the nications imperative for the smooth run- mand. their chances of an upturn in revenue, in- ability of the seaport operator to keep its ning of a port’s day-to-day operations.

The emergence of the Industrial In- vestment in the right technological tools crew safe and remain pro? table. Another notable challenge for port op- ternet of Things (IIoT) is a signi? cant and embracing digitalization is the only Conditions and out-of-date equipment erators is security risks. These risks can factor in convincing ports to adopt new logical choice to make. aren’t the only dif? culties which ports come from rival port operators, or it can

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